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Logan in Florida - Available for Adoption

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Logan is a year and a half year old border collie. He was confiscated from his previous owners along with two other dogs for neglect. His owners agreed to surrender him to Animal Control and the shelter contacted rescue for help, which is how he ended up with us. Logan was around 10-12 pounds underweight when he was taken from his owners. He has since gained the weight he needed and is now a nice, healthy weight.


Logan is a great dog for people who really enjoy border collies. Hes very smart, biddable, sweet, and has lots of drive. His favorite toy right now is a rubber squeaky ball. He also loves his big Jolly Ball, but given the choice, he prefers the smaller squeaky ball. Logan gets along well with the other dogs in our home and will wrestle and play with any other playful dog. But, he does need a little time to get to know the other dogs before hes ready to play. Though Logan gets along well with other dogs, he does not like dogs that try to take his ball from him while hes playing fetch with his person. The better he knows the other dog, though, the more tolerant he is of the behavior.


Besides playing fetch with his rubber squeaky ball, Logans other passion is swimming (preferably with his rubber squeaky ball). Logan has also been to the beach several times and loves to run in the surf and chase his ball up and down the beach. Hes very good off leash, too, and comes when he is called.


Logan is on the taller side for border collies, but should be all done growing now (other than still filling out some). He would make an excellent sports competitor, as he is very athletic and has plenty of energy and drive. Though Logan is a medium to high drive dog, he settles very well in the house, though he is still learning that its not polite to put his paws on the counter top to see what is up there.


Logan is crate trained and house trained. He is up to date on vaccinations, is heartworm negative, and up to date on heartworm preventative. He is neutered and will be microchipped prior to placement. Logan is looking for an active or sport home. We would prefer a home with previous border collie experience, but are open to anyone who is looking for an active dog and is willing to put in the time, energy, and devotion necessary to make it a successful partnership.


If you are interested in adopting Logan, please visit our website at http://www.starfishbcrescue.com and fill out an application from our "Adoption Process" page. There will be an adoption donation and you will be required to sign an adoption contract. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.


On a personal note, Logan has been one of my favorite foster dogs in a long time, if that means anything. ;)














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I don't need another dog... I don't need another dog... I can't afford to keep another dog....


I have to keep repeating that to myself. He looks so incredible sweet!

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Well, thankfully Logan likes to swim....so he couldn't possibly move up north..we have way too much ice and snow to suit him :) What a handsome fellow..and a split face to boot! I'm sure Logan will find a great home.

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