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  1. Logan's very handsome! An adopter of one of my BC fosters has been searching for another BC and he sounds like a good match for her Lacey. She lives just south of you in Jupiter, I'll see if she is interested.
  2. I thought it was a good debut! I haven't trained a dog in agility since my sheltie (who has since passed) retired over 10 years ago and I'm just getting back in the swing of things but I've seen a lot worse. Your dog has a lot of go and your both having fun, that's half the battle in my opinion. Keep up the good work.
  3. Congrat, that's an awesome debut! Good luck next weekend.
  4. Congrats! Jordyn isn't a fan of the calmer obedience ring and gets very sloppy when she is bored so we'll have to see if we'll do anything beyond a CD (which we'll attempt this fall).
  5. I encourage the rescue to look into pilots n paws transport network. The have both pilot (and ground transport) volunteers that can likely cut this girls trip in half. I've flown deaf dogs numerous times to our rescue and find the shorter flights are much less stressful and generally safer for them. I don't have any contacts in that region but if they check the PNP website they can find contacts and a map of pilots, all they have do is post transport criteria and send out a couple pm's. The volunteers there are amazing and can usually supply references etc. From past transports. Sat is a short timeframe but if they crosspost now they should get at least a few responses/offers to help. Good luck!
  6. I don't bike a lot with my dogs but I do rollerblade and run with them on a regular basis. Jordyn wears a standard x-back harness when we blade, and she knows to get out front, versus when we walk where she must stay in a decent heel. She was around 10 mos of age when I adopted her but didn't tag along on runs until she was 15-16 mos because I'd rather wait until their growth plates have closed before allowing any forced exercise. The most important factor is to gradually increase their distance and know your dogs endurance because they will/try to overdue it their first couple times out.
  7. To compete in AKC venues such as agility and obedience you need to be registered (can be full reg. pedigree, ILP/alternate listing OR their new mixed breed registration but they must be registered). I registered my girl with their mixed breed program so we can compete and earn the same titles pedigreed dogs can earn. I think it is well worth it if you choose to peruse AKC venues, but as others mentioned you don't need a pedigree in all venues. In addition to non-AKC venues, frisbee (skyhoundz, USDDN etc), flyball and dock jumping don't require pedigrees. There is much more nowadays available to non-pedigreed dogs.
  8. My first thought is anxiety. Some dogs are more sensitive to changes in their routine and sometimes even a slight change in schedule (like you being gone for 8 hrs rather than 4hrs) will create an anxiety which leads to destructive behavior. I'd condition him to get accustom to you leaving for longer periods and gradually allow him more access to the whole house. Give plenty of exercise before you leave and put down a treat cube, kong, antler etc. to keep him occupied while your gone.
  9. We live in S. Fl where most bodies of water contain alligators and beaches pose their own hidden dangers, so the pool is the safest place for our dogs to swim. In my opinion it is up to the owners to make it as safe as possible, which means monitoring your dogs outside play time, pool safety training and/or putting up a proper barrier. I have four dogs of my own and as a foster coordinator for a local rescue organization, I have fostered dogs year round for 13 yrs. All the dogs that come through my house are introduced to the pool and taught where the steps are, puppies included but I always monitor their playtime. Our dogs have to walk around our pool deck to get to the doggy door that leads into the yard so if I have fosters long enough I typically teach them "no pool" as well. We utilize our pool daily and have never had an incident, but I've always taken the time to properly introduce it and they don't go in unless I've given them the okay.
  10. We compete in both Splashdogs and Dockdogs competitions when not competing in other venues and have a great time! My labs have been jumping for awhile but my BC mix Jordyn recently attended her first event. She doesn't have a strong retrieval drive and cheated the first time by jumping onto the ramp then into the water, so I had to get creative with the place and send method while blocking the ramp. It worked well enough for her to pull out an 8'06 (her personal best) and earned her 3rd place in the Novice division finals. My 6 yr old Lab Hailey (PB 21'05) My 1 yr old Lab Ryder (PB 23'06, 6.61 speed retrieve) Jordyn's first competition Little Cheater! Getting the hang of it! The Aerodogs Sorry for the pic overload, as you can see the dogs really enjoy it! It's not as stressful as other venues, we just go and have fun. We are members of the SW FL club, but they are 3 hrs away so we don't actually get over to practice much, we mainly just attend competitions. You should definitely give it a go!
  11. A few years ago I never thought much of pet insurance but after both my boys (a Sheltie and a Cocker) developed extensive medical issues, I decided to get PetPlan. I chose it mainly because it covers hereditary conditions and continues coverage over the lifetime of the animal. The other companies we looked into will either A.) not cover hereditary conditions or B.)those that do will only cover treatment for one year after diagnosis and consider it a pre-existing condition thereafter. My dogs being mainly rescues and obviously having no history of healthy parents this was a big plus for me. A few months later my lab Hailey developed Gastroenteritis and was in the ICU at a speciality clinic for a week. They did everything from bloodwork to a barium study and petplan covered everything (minus my deductible) which was well over a thousand, four hundred dollars in treatment and diagnositics. They were easy to file a claim with, very professional and timely with the pay-back too. Couldn't be more pleased. There are many plans available, you just need to find a company that offers the coverage you want with decent premiums. Here is a site that helped me choose (you can compare rates and look at reviews): http://www.petinsurancereview.com/dog.asp
  12. Congrats on you new addition. I didn't technically pick my BC mix either, she came as a foster and I became a foster failure.
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