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I also would suggest finding a team in your area. Not only for the training aspect and all the great help that you will find in a team, but flyball equipment is extremely expensive! When I left my team they had just purchased a new hi-tech box and it cost well over $600! Plus the sets of jumps are close to $200... A team would really be an ideal place to start. I would check out the NAFA or U-FLI websites to find a team.





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I agree with the other recommendations to contact a local team. We had a photographer at our tournament this past weekend from Salt Lake City. He does flyball and has a web page. I think someone gave you that referral in your other post.


This link has some flyball equipment manufacturers.


For some basics on how to get started, check out these resources:


Spring Loaded flyball training video series

Flyball training links

NAFA Training Forum (check out the archive section)


Good luck!


Dana Nichols


Greeley, Colorado

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