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  1. I have never or ever will send one of my animals to the shelter. They are part of my family and a life - long commitment. If I need to keep both puppies because I can't find them good homes, then I will. And I'll be sure to spay and neuter so there isn't mixed breeds running around intact. Thanks.
  2. I probably am an ignorant teenager but I have volunteered at shelters and it doesn't make sense how a breeder is more responsible than I when I see pure - breds at shelters all the time. Whereas they are producing more than two puppies in the dogs life - time. Its not a matter of irresponsible breeders (granted puppy mills and such are a horrible disgrace) but of ignorant and irresponsible owners. People who take on dogs that they think they can handle but they come to find out they can't. That is what puts dogs in shelters. You could have champion blood lines but if the new owner can't take care of them, then thats where the puppy goes. What makes a dog worth living? Its lineage or just the fact its alive? Obviously the only dogs that should exist are pure - breds, never mind those "designer" dogs everybody loves. If you are going to preach about irresponsible breeders then maybe there should be a government sactioned branch where breeders must apply and register to breed animals. Each breeder will provide the new pet owner with a voucher to get their pets spayed by a certain age, if they fail to commit to that then they shall be punished by law. A breeder needs to follow up with each puppy and its owner to be certain that the puppy is getting adequate care and attention and if the breeder fails to follow up then the breeder should be punished. The breeder may also be punished if the owner abandons, mistreats, sells, or gives away their pet. By what you are saying, you mean that breeders should be responsible for everything that happens to that puppy after it leaves to its new home? To be honest, I think that the number of actual animals available is not the problem. But the number of idiots is high. These idiots do not think ahead of getting a puppy. They don't research the breed, they don't realize how much time the puppy actually needs to be trained, cuddled, etc. They just want something cute and adorable to cuddle and when the real care needs to begin, they panic and give up and that dog ends up in the shelter. Pure - bred or not.
  3. I know a lot of people hate mixed breeds. And it was never our intention to have him intact, just some crappy things kept happening. I love my mixed breeds. My basset hound / lab mix is adorably sweet and my border collie / red heeler mix is my most well behaved dog yet. Both dogs will be spayed and neutered with this upcoming student loan money, we've been in a better situation since we've moved. Anyway, I'm not a back yard breeder. I do not breed my dogs intentionally and sell them to pet shops without any regard to their health. All of my dogs are well cared for. I've owned numerous dogs throughout the years and this is the first and last accident. These puppies are not going to end up in a shelter considering I will not let them go to strangers. I'd appreciate it if you kept your opinions to yourself. You do not know what my situation was. And my female is 2 years old and my male is a year.
  4. I'm so excited, I just had to share. These puppies were complete accidents and we had one accidental tie where my male got off his leash and yeah... Anyway my male is a border collie / red heeler mix and my female is a pure-bred shiba inu. Things like bad roommates, flat tires, etc, kept us from having the money to neuter our boy. Anyway Shinka (our shiba inu) just gave birth last night to two healthy babies. She's a little nervous about her first litter but I imagine that's normal. But what is funny is that both the pups have the pure - bred shiba inu black coloring where both the parents are red or orange. I will have to post pictures soon but we plan on keeping one and giving the other to my mother.
  5. I want to start my BC on flyball but I don't know where to buy equipment and what equipment to get. And what are some beginner training techniques I can use with my dog? So far he responds well to a clicker and treats.
  6. I'm looking for a local club to start agility or flyball or even obedience with my BC mix. He's getting bigger and needs something to do. I'm in the Ogden - SLC Utah area and I'm not sure how to start going about getting my BC into something.
  7. That's another thing. He's been crate trained since he was about 4 months old. He is now a year old. And he is in his kennel while my husband and I are both gone. And it is normal feces. So I really am confused on how to get my dogs back on track.
  8. My dogs occasionally have accidents when I'm not quick enough to get them outside when they tell me they need to go but since starting school this week, my border collie (and my other two dogs) have seem to forgotten their potty training. Nothing for them has changed. They are still walked throughout the day. Their meals are still at the same times and they still have hours of play-time. But what has changed is when I let my border collie out, he will pee everywhere on the carpet before I have a chance to get the leash on him for his walk. And then when we get outside, he will pee again and poop quite a large amount. And then maybe less than a half hour later he will pee and poop everywhere. And he knows its bad because he tucks his tail in after doing it and hides under the couch. So he KNOWS he needs to go outside. What I don't understand is how after I walk him and he poops and pees outside is that he comes inside almost immediately and does it again. And then after his first accident, almost nearly another half hour later he will poop inside again. And like I said his feeding times have not changed. But this has been everyday this week since I started school on monday. And what is worse, is that my other two dogs follow his example so I've had three dogs have several accidents each day for no clear reason. Regular walks after feeding and every hour are not helping. I'm not sure what I can do for him.
  9. Both my husband and I will be starting work and school full - time in the Fall and my poor baby Rao needs a new home but I don't know where to start. I've put an ad up on my local classifieds, www.ksl.com, but I don't want him to go to any old home. How can I make sure he goes with the right family? I don't want to see him stuck in his kennel all day (which fortunately is way too big for him so he has more room to move while I'm gone as is). Just want to find a good home that will take care of him.
  10. He is about 7 months old. Its when we're out for walks and he is on a leash. He will see another dog out and about and he starts barking very aggressively. The hair on his back will stand up. It isn't a warning bark... its more confident and more "I want to kill you" bark. Hard to explain. But whenever we go to PetSmart or some other place where he is in close contact with the other dog and can sniff them, he does... okay (nervous, cautious). It isn't until he is more than a few feet away that he jumps forward, pulling and barking aggressively. Maybe I didn't get him socialized enough or what but I don't want him to get off his collar one day and attack someone's dog. I took him outside and on trips almost everyday. He's seen and smelled other dogs. His reaction to them is getting worse though. Even without neutering him, what training techniques can I use to get him to stop and calm down?
  11. No competitions just yet. Whistles for more... general use. Like when we go hiking (stay near me, come back if he runs off). Nothing complicated. I have nothing to have him herd. He's more an exercise, companion dog.
  12. My puppy is getting more aggressive with strange dogs and I was wondering how much does neutering lessen the aggressive behaviors?
  13. I admit, I've been slow to teach my puppy the basics but Rao seems to be doing good with a clicker and hand commands. He's getting quicker to responding. Anyway, I'm wondering how to start training him with whistle commands for when we're outside (hiking, camping, etc.) when he's farther away from me and won't be able to see my hands. Any suggestions on how to begin? I'd like to get this down before I start on agility with him.
  14. My little boy cried and whined when we first got him and he had to be in a crate. We would cover it up with a heavy blanket and try to be as quiet as possible. If he didn't know we were there, he wouldn't care. As he got older, we moved him to a bigger wire crate that was next to our other dogs. We continued to cover him up with a blanket but he could still see and smell the other dogs. Which helped A LOT. Now we don't have to cover him up, he goes in willingly and will even whine next to the door when he is ready to go to bed. The only time he whines is if he hears us come home and we don't immediately come and let him out. Otherwise, his crate training has gone great besides the occasional accident, lol.
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