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Evidently Bella may have completely or partially torn her CCL. She has been stiff and lame for a lfew days so I took her to the vet. He diagnosed by observing her and doing a manual exam. She was not sedated so he didn't get a conclusive drawer test. I've been out of work for a while so I can't afford to do lots of tests right now. His diagnosis was in line with what I thought going in.


He did give (sell) me two weeks worth of Rimadyl and it has really helped her. I have been researching TTA and TPLO procedures as well as what I can do to help Bella until I am in a better position to afford more diagnostic work and possibly surgery.


Bella is in restriction - short leash walks only. We had her on a sort of diet before. She had lost a little weight but not enough. Now I measure her food for the day first thing every morning. If anyone wants to give her a treat it comes out of there. No jumping into the car or golf cart. We aren't making her get in her crate unless she wants to do that. She prefers to lay on her pillow in whatever room my son or I am in. As long as she is taking it easy that's ok. We have no stairs, my husband is an amputee and uses a wheelchair. Our house is completely accessible.


So, my questions...


At the vet I paid $60 for 28 75mg rimadyl chewables. This is enough for two weeks. On petmeds it is $43 for the same pills. Can I do better than that price?


Once the first two weeks is over and I take her back for a recheck should I expect him to keep her on the same medication and dosage?


Since I can't move forwatd with the surgery are there other things you can suggest along with losing weight and restricting activity that may help her?

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When you call your vet, you might also ask about switching to the generic; my vet suggested that change when we decided to keep Ody on it long-term, and it's substantially cheaper (I think less than $1/75 mg tablet, but I'd have to check my notes to be sure). Not as handy as the chewables, but definitely worth it for us in the cost savings.


Best of luck to you and Bella.

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Thanks. I didn't know about a generic and the idea about asking for a price match is excellent.


The rimadyl has really helped Bella feel better in just the few days she has been taking it. She hates the new serious portion control diet. I am even taking away all the places she used to steal from. Jody's food gets put up if he doesn't eat it. The cats are getting fed out of her reach. No table treats at all - she grumbled all the way through dinner. Poor baby!


Thanks for your help.

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FWIW, Willow has torn the ACLs on both sides. Because of her age and my financial situation, I opted for conservative treatment (rest and pain management) both times. I don't think she's necessarily perfect, but she recovered both times, is just a bit stiff (but she's also 14 and has been very hard on herself over the years), but still keeps up with everyone else and is her same old self in most respects.


You can add pumpkin, low-salt canned green beans, mixed veggies, canned corn, etc., to Bella's rations to help fill her up without adding many calories.


Also, if she is going to be on Rimadyl long-term, consider using milk thistle as a supplement to help protect her liver.


Good luck!



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Thanks Julie!


That is good to know. Bella seems to be doing well on the conservative treatment regimen. Keeping my fingers crossed.


She got some green beans the other night and was very appreciative.


I will look for milk thistle supplements.

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