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Hi everyone. Thanks for all the great information on this forum. I have learned a lot. You have all been my best resource for figuring out my neurotic doggies :)


I got my first Border Collie about ten years ago. There was a pet adoption at one of the local pet stores. They had a cute little black and white “Collie\Lab mix” puppy. My wife and I were dumb when it came to dogs. We didn’t “need” a dog, but there was a dog that “needed” a home. So with our hearts being bigger than our brains we adopted the puppy. He was a really good puppy but strange sometimes…. First thing we did was take him to a Vet to get checked out. On the phone they asked what kind of dog he was, I said Collie like Lassie. (Told you we were dumb about dogs) When I got to the Vet the receptionist said “Awww how cute a Border Collie”. Soon I figured out what a border collie is… His name is Sirius and is my wife’s heart dog. He is quirky and strange sometimes but we could not ask for a better dog.


Our second dog is a Chocolate Lab named Lacey. We got her from a rescue when she was five years old. Another case of we don’t “need” another dog but she “needed” a understanding home. She has separation issues and is terrified of loud noises. She is now about the same age as Sirius, 10. She is a friendly happy girl who loves everyone.


My third dog is Emma. We got her about two months ago from another rescue. This time we knew she was a BC. She is about nine months old now. I think she is a BC\JRT mix but not sure. When we got her she was really shy but is getting better every day. She is very smart and will do anything I ask her to. I don’t really train her I just ask her to do whatever I want her to do and she will do it. She knows about a dozen hand signals and will do them from across the field.


It is a little crazy having three very active dogs in the suburbs but we do pretty well. Soon as Emma gets old enough we are going to sign up for Flyball or Agility classes. I don’t know what I could possibly contribute to this forum. You guys know much more than me. The only skill I have with dogs is dealing with mental issues. I guess because I have some issues too.:P



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Welcome, Travis. I learned about the border collie breed in a similar way to you. About 30 years ago (that dates me), I adopted a cute little B&W puppy from the pound, and ~ 3 months later when someone asked me if it was a BC, I was clueless - never having heard of a border collie before. I have been in love with them since. It sounds like you have a good mix of dogs. Pics??



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Welcome to the board and it sounds like you have a fun and full doggie home! Flyball and agility are great fun, I used to do both with the dogs I had years ago. Looking forward to starting something fun and active with the new little rescue girl that I have. :)

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