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  1. She is 32lbs and kind of skinny looking. I think she would be heavier if she wasn't going all the time. At the park I will send her out away from me and have her do stuff by hand signals. People come up and say what a great dog "I want to get one of those" And I think to myself they would never say that if they saw the other side of her. The crazy, neurotic, freaky bundle of energy she is. It's true owners do resemble their dogs so we get along well. Interesting about the mixed breed dogs. I just assumed the puppies would look like the parents. Shows how little I know.. The DNA t
  2. Laurae, Chihuahua?? A bit of a stretch But I guess if Emma can be a Chow, Sophie can be a Chihuahua. Thanks for the kind words everybody. I think she is really cute too... but I might be biased... I love the new rescue rule. So officially she is.... Kelpie \ Fox Terrier. ( I had to pick something nobody guessed for fun) But it is fun to watch peoples reaction when I tell them she is a Chow...
  3. Howdy, This is a picture of Emma. Every time we go anywhere I get ask "what kind of dog is that?". So just for grins I sent for a DNA test. At least I would have some answer other than "rescue mutt" I was pretty sure she had some herding or cattle dog in her because she does all the herding things. (head down slinking, giving me "the eye" if I don't throw the ball) She also looks a little like a Terrier and acts like a Terrier sometimes. She is really smart and a workaholic. She had never seen weave poles and one hour later all I have to do is point to the weave poles and tell her "go weav
  4. WOW!! I did not see the second picture. In the first one he really looked like a BC to me. Hopefully he finds a home whatever kind of dog he is. He is really cute.
  5. Look at this beautiful pup... Makes me cry http://www.facebook....&type=1 Hope the link works
  6. "Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog." ~Sydney Jeanne Seward And also blessed is the dog that has earned your love. Thank you for being who you are...
  7. OK, this one is a little gross but not too bad... Yesterday Emma and Sirius were running around the backyard zooming from one end to the other when suddenly Emma came running in the house holding one paw up and yelping. I was thinking the worst when she ran up to me... So I picked her up carefully trying to calm her down because she was frantic!! Then I carefully looked at her "injured" paw.... She had stepped in poop and it was freaking her out . So we went back out to the backyard for a quick trip to the hose and her paw was good as new. I got a bunch of kisses and a wiggle butt little dogg
  8. Hi everyone. Thanks for all the great information on this forum. I have learned a lot. You have all been my best resource for figuring out my neurotic doggies I got my first Border Collie about ten years ago. There was a pet adoption at one of the local pet stores. They had a cute little black and white “Collie\Lab mix” puppy. My wife and I were dumb when it came to dogs. We didn’t “need” a dog, but there was a dog that “needed” a home. So with our hearts being bigger than our brains we adopted the puppy. He was a really good puppy but strange sometimes…. First thing we did was take him t
  9. I am sorry for your loss. You and Lacee are in my thoughts.
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