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Sports for the non-registered BC?

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Just out of curiosity - I know you folks will know!


What sports (or as we'd call them in horses, disciplines) can you compete in with a non-registered BC?


I have no particular aspirations to compete in much of anything (horses take care of that!), but as we narrow his training focus I figured it'd be good to know in case I ever did get the itch. My boy is unregistered and from what we'll call working farm dog lines (both parents on site, but likely unreg as well).

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To compete in AKC venues such as agility and obedience you need to be registered (can be full reg. pedigree, ILP/alternate listing OR their new mixed breed registration but they must be registered). I registered my girl with their mixed breed program so we can compete and earn the same titles pedigreed dogs can earn. I think it is well worth it if you choose to peruse AKC venues, but as others mentioned you don't need a pedigree in all venues. In addition to non-AKC venues, frisbee (skyhoundz, USDDN etc), flyball and dock jumping don't require pedigrees. There is much more nowadays available to non-pedigreed dogs.

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If you want to compete in agility, without going the AKC route, there are lots of organizations who do not care what your dog is... NADAC, USDAA, CPE - you have a one time registration fee for each one, but that is it - no questions about your dogs parents.

Agility is the only sport we participate in so cant help you with the others

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I don't do AKC, but if you want to try sheepdogging, you don't need your dog to be registered to trial in USBCHA. In ASCA you apply for a one-time, lifetime tracking number, and in AHBA I believe they assign you a tracking number, now, but that's only so they can keep track of your dog's scores and titles.


But registration? Ain't necessary. Have fun!


~ Gloria

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