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  1. Just out of curiosity - I know you folks will know! What sports (or as we'd call them in horses, disciplines) can you compete in with a non-registered BC? I have no particular aspirations to compete in much of anything (horses take care of that!), but as we narrow his training focus I figured it'd be good to know in case I ever did get the itch. My boy is unregistered and from what we'll call working farm dog lines (both parents on site, but likely unreg as well).
  2. We will try the crate games and see what happens. As to the other questions - Same crate in the car as in the house - even has his same blankets. He's good about not destroying them. His crate is big enough for him from a technical standpoint, although I can dig out the huge metal fold up one I have in storage to see if that makes him more comfortable - it was big enough for the 100lb GSD I had prior to getting this guy. He's fine in the car, crated or not. No whining or barking of any sort, and he's always been that way. He's OK outside in the yard alone as long as he has a budd
  3. I've tried covering the crate. I've ignored. I've rewarded calm, quiet behavior. When that didn't show any progress, I eventually went back to just ignoring him. He has no interest in toys or food once inside, or if he does - the crying returns immediately once he's finished. He has some anxiety issues, at times he's not just whining but eventually escalates to screaming, biting the door and frantically barking. The only time he doesn't cry is when the crate is in the car. I have no idea WHY, though. I've resorted to taking him to work with me (crate in car) and he seems less uptight, but
  4. This is a rather embarassing question, as crate training is usually one of the first things they learn. My young male is almost a year old now, and has not yet mastered his crate training. I've had him since he was ten weeks and clearly must have overlooked something or gone wrong somewhere! He cries and cries to no end. He's better when he can't see or hear any sort of action, but will still get upset. He'll happily go in the crate when asked, but does not want to stay and doesn't hang out or relax in the crate on his own. He practically begs to get in his crate when it's in the car, and
  5. My sincerest apologies. Here is the little monster himself - just yesterday.
  6. I know this has gone a little off the original topic, so I just want to clarify - *My* pup doesn't nip, bite, chase, bark at, or otherwise antagonize me or anyone else he encounters (ok, he might lick you. we're working on that.). He may accidentally jump up on someone that comes up to him and is all 'ohhh! puppy puppy puppy baby boo boo!' excited and in his face, but he IS still learning and not everyone will correct him. I should also add, landlord wanted to 'introduce' him to her puppy-agressive labrador (has caused damage requiring veterinary care previously) by forcing the pup ont
  7. Hi folks! I'm new here, though I've been lurking a while. I have an 11 week old BC pup, Tug. I've run into some problems with other people (all friends/family, at this point) attempting to discipline Tug, which isn't a problem in and of itself - except that they are doing it completely WRONG! A friend of mine has a Pomeranian female that she likes to bring to 'play' with Tug, except the Pom's idea of playing is to try to get him to chase her. I'd rather not encourage him to CHASE any other animals, especially not small furry ones, and his recall is nowhere near solid enough to be able to
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