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Hi...long time since I have been on

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Hello Everyone,

It has been awhile since I have been on. June 23rd was 2 years since my beloved Nikita passed and I am still struggling with the pain. I went to visit her gravesite and place new flowers on it so she knows Mommy loves and misses her so much.


My Dashia I think was sent to me by Nikita. She has been a lifesaver and she is such a Mommy’s girl and spoiled rotten. There are so many things that Dashia does that my Nikita did. At times it brings tears to my eyes. I do not think I could have survived if my Dashia did not enter my life. I took the passing of my Nikita so hard I was ready to give up. Dashia has grown into a beautiful loving and ornery girl and she is two years old now. Time went too fast.


I just wanted to say hi and thank you to everyone who was so supportive of me when my Nikita passed. It meant the world to me and helped me through a difficult period in my life.

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Welcome back. Two years? Wow. I remember how devastated you were with Nikita's passing and how I cried when I read the news. I'm glad you found Dashia to help you through the rough times.


I realized that it's been five months today that we had to put Scooter down and I don't think I'll ever be the same. Unfortunately, we're still looking for another Border Collie to love. Seems we've managed to find all the disreputable rescues and breeders in the tri-state area. :( Some days I think it's never going to happen but a very wise person on this board said to me recently, "Not yet" doesn't mean no. It means "not yet."


Pictures of Dashia please! :)



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welcome back. I too have just recently returned to the boards from a 1 yr sabatical. I'll be catching up on back posts for quite awhile! Lol

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Hi, Here are more pictures of my Dashia, I am not a good photographer so sorry......her nickname is Bug. Not a day goes by that I do not think of my Nikita. She will hold such a special place in my heart forever. But my Dashia has made me able to function and go on with life again. When I rescued her we had an instant bond and I knew we were meant to be.

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