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Border collie bloodlines


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I think Sheila Grew's Key Dogs is hard to come by. I found one copy online for nearly $300. Too bad I didn't get copies before they became so scarce (there are two volumes).


The other books Karen alluded to are "National Sheepdog Champions" and "Blue Riband of the Heather," both by Barbara Carpenter. A quick check of Amazon shows that both are available, although National Sheepdog Champions also has a pretty dear price on it....


This is an ISDS pedigree service. I don't know if that will be helpful.


Also check Border Collies in Action (Google it). There are some autobiographical type books that also discuss well-known dogs (like Eric Halsall's "Sheepdogs My Faithful Friends;" McCulloch's "Border Collie Studies" and "Sheepdogs and their Masters:" there are others as well).



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