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Had to share!!! SUPER excited!!!!


My dog finished his CD last weekend, all first places with high scoring!! A half a point away from High in Trial!! DARN!!! So proud of my boy, he just LOVES doing obedience!! LOVES to work for me...he stayed focused and we had fun!! Here's to my best buddy!!!

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YES!!! He is already trained though Utility...we kinda wanted to get his CD over with..because open will be so much more fun!! And LOVES open work :D Hoping to tune up some heeling and compete for our CDX this fall...where this is a ton of big trials in a row around here!!! Does anybody else on these boards do obedience?? I am looking for experienced suggestions on tweaking his finishes...

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Congratulations! A good performance in the obedience ring is so exhilarating!


I do obedience with my pit bull (er, AmStaff in AKC) but not brilliantly. I am apparently very skilled at teaching my dogs to forge. She has her CD-H in CDSP obedience, and we have two AKC CD legs with scores in the mid-180s. I'll take 'em :)


Good luck in the Open ring!

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