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Betty forwarded this to Sheepdog-L from the TX stockdog list. Note that there are several perfect scores, but no times listed. These are unofficial scores coming through from someone texting as she can. Francis apparently doesn't have internet access there. If a score is not listed, it apparently wasn't available:



1 Peterson, Steve Sean

2 Gifford, Tim Josie 30

3 Cox, T.J. Will 45

4 Halligan, Bill Brit DQ

5 Walker, Jimmy Mitch 120

6 McCall, Steve Jessie 75

7 Parker, Dwight Mike DQ

8 Sasak, Mariane Dot 85

9 Reyes, Juan Zak 120

10 Guthrie, Anna Tikkle 75

11 Strohl, Rick Dusty 90

12 Rhoades, Susan Jane 25

13 Parton, Reuben Toby 95

14 Wagner, Bob Odi 95

15 Ketteler, Murray Roy DQ

16 Reed, Bill Lad 135

17 Carmichael, Pete Bill DQ

18 Hall, Richard Pepper 105

19 Davis, Mike Sue DQ

20 Brandon, Richard Beck 70

21 Doyle, John Buz 75

22 Forrester, Tom Pete 135

23 Oliver, Red Blaze 135

24 Naasz, Tim Ryn 135

25 Green, Ron Kane 120

26 Johnson, Bob Ruby DQ

27 East, Lyle Spot 75


Hopefully Betty or someone will continue forwarding scores to Sheepdog-L.



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Here's how it's being scored:

Outrun: 20 points

Lift: 10 points

Fetch Panels: 15 points

Circling the post: 15 points

Drive away: 15 points

Cross Drive: 15 points

1 obstacle: 15 points

2 obstacle: 15 points

3 obstacle: 15 points



I assume they're running three head, and it's 5 points per head through each obstacle.



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After a somewhat shakey start the cattle setteled in and worked nicely for the dogs with enough dogs with enough presence to move them around the course. The weather was chilly but great for working dogs.


I saw most of the runs but can't remember the scores, sleep tonight might help the memory!!

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Here's what the 2011 cattle finals guidelines say:

The trial will start with a judged outrun and a judged lift. The balance of the course will be points for each animal that completes panels, obstacles, or pen/trailer. The shortest time for completing the entire course will be the first tiebreaker. The trial committee will determine a second timed tiebreaker.


P.S. The scores, includig times, for round 1 of open are now up on the USBCHA site. Click on the link that says "Eye Test" next to the "Scores" to get the list.



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Nursery runs were today - Anna called to let me know that Raskle (Dan's litter-mate sister) had done pretty well and she is hoping that Raskle might make it into the Nursery Final run on Sunday.


Anna was worried about the little stinker going into the Finals - she's a get-her-done tiny bitch with a you-and-whose-army attitude (sounds just like Danny-boy), but she did well. Nice outrun and lift before she put the jets into overdrive, but still she had nice scores and here's hoping she makes it into the final run on Sunday.


Meanwhile, Tikkle ran yesterday morning while the cattle were not settling well, and will need a stellar run to have any chance at getting into Sunday's run (she's at 31st place). If Riddle does as well as she did yesterday (she's in 14th place now), she should be in Sunday's run.


Anyway, I wanted to share the news, fresh and hot from the trial field. Anna's fed her dogs, had half a PB&J, has a few things to do, will shower, and get to bed - so she's ready for the second Open runs tomorrow.


Good luck to Anna, Riddle, Tikkle, and Raskle!

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I won't begin to try and copy/paste the nursery scores, but Anna and Raskle are in 7th place in Nursery. I also won't begin to try and understand the scoring, not this early in the day. Maybe not later, either!


The information on the courses is posted or linked on the USBCHA website.

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Too bad neither Riddle nor Tikkle made it into the Final Open round today - but Raskle is now the official 2011 National Cattledog Finals Reserve Champion!!! Whoot, whoot, whoot!


Thanks to those who joined in a sponsorship for the little Landshark!

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