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Trial in Lawndale


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Have fun! I withdrew. Pip is still having recurring shoulder lameness (we see Regina next Friday) and I couldn't see trying to scrape together gas money to go run one dog in P/N, so we're staying home. I won't miss tent camping in the heat, with the inevitable thunderstorms that come along in the afternoons/evenings, but I will miss Ben and Emily and all the good folks that go to that trial.



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We opted not to attend this year. It was a difficult decision since we enjoy this trial; fuel prices tipped the balance.


Same here. :( It's not that far of a drive for me (compared to you guys) but enough so that I just couldn't justify it this year. I'm a little sad as I love this trial and haven't missed one of them since 2005. Maybe next year will find me in better circumstances!

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