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Sometimes you have to laugh...

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I have two rectangular dog yards with a gate between them on the narrow side. Recently, I have been using these to improve Bluey's driving, by getting him to push the goats from one yard to the other, with back-up from me when the goats become "stroppy". Yesterday, we had pushed the two wether goats from the western yard to the eastern one, paused for a few minutes, then changed direction. One of the goats jumped on a dog kennel. Bluey rolled an appealing eye at me - don't border collies have the most expressive eyes! The second wether looked at the first one, looked at Bluey, and promptly jumped on the second dog kennel.


Bluey's expression was priceless!



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Thats funny! Did you get a photo? I never have a camera when I should!

Dang goats here get on the big log piles.

Took the young dogs a while to figure out how to get them off.

They learned by watching Gunny

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No camera. Actually, last weekend I really wished I had a camera with me. As I put the goats back in their paddock, I discovered that the cows had spotted the open gate and... the grass is always greener, etc... So, Ms Boss-Goat marched in the gate and literally locked horns with a cow that was blocking her way - cow and goat forehead to forehead, glaring at each other. It was the cow that backed off! (Although I must admit that Ms Goat did look anxious for a moment.)

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