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Secret's 2nd Trial

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I shared video of Secret's first trial on the "how do you know when you're ready to trial" thread -- So I thought I'd update and share the video from her second trial.



Secret has always been a careful, cautious, thoughtful dog. Since day one, my goal with her has been to get her to let loose a little, play & have fun. She can be ever so SERIOUS about everything in life. Once she gets comfortable with something new, she is able to relax and enjoy herself a bit more. I'm happy to say that I'm starting to see it already after just her second trial.


She started out absolutely terrified and overly aware of all the people around the ring on Saturday, but each run got progressively better. Best of all, she was having FUN out there! She showed me bursts of speed here & there, so I know she has it in there once she gets a few more trials under her belt.


I'm so proud of her for facing her fears and trying so hard for me. I've never had a perfect weekend before and never imagined the first would be with my baby dog. She's just awesome. :D


She's setting the bar pretty high, though. Hope it doesn't come crashing down at our next trial. lol We've trained a grand total of 6 times this winter, so I hope spring arrives soon!

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