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I can check, Karen. You have noticed that in the "Welcome, Journey" row, on the right-hand side just under the photo -- the strip that begins "Profile | Settings | My Content" -- there is a notification of whether you have any new PMs or not, right? It says "Messenger (0 New)" unless you have a new message, in which case it says "Messenger (1 New)" etc. There's also that column on the right, headed "Unread Notifications." That isn't what you meant by the pop-up, is it? If that IS what you meant, and you've lost it, just click on the X in the right-hand margin and it will come back. Or do you mean a pop-up from long ago, before we made the software update?



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Karen, I was noodling around with this, and I think I might have gotten your pop-ups back for you. Let me know . . .


Really?! OMG!! Oh off to send myself a PM to see if it works!!


Thank you!!



eta - Yeah well, I can't send one to myself....someone send me a PM so we can see if they "pop up" again please :)

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Nope. Not popping up on mine. However, Anda said her's popped right up. So, maybe it's this PC? I will try later at a different desktop! Thanks though for trying :)


Mine neither pop up nor notify me via email :(

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