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Retraining sheep


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I don't know what this topic should be.


When Terry came over just after the storm to check sheep, she found the ewes so bunched that she not only did not need to put them in a stall to worm a few, she also had to pry them apart literally. This is in a 25 acre pasture. They plastered themselves against a back fence.


My guess is that the sheep were in hunker down mode, the same thing that saves them in blizzards.


My problem is that they won't get out of it.


They've gotten darn annoying.


Any ideas? Puppies running through? Young ghastly dogs? Anyone want to come over?

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Faye will be happy to oblige. Her is a pix of her showing how she can UN-BUNCH them!!

(this is her second or third time on sheep)


She was doing fine then decided the ewes were going too slow...after a bit,

she settled and all was fine. She is a yearling.




"Hi Girls, Wanna play?"




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How about moving them to a new pasture? Maybe being away from the pasture where they weathered the storm would help.


Or, put them up in a barn for a bit without hay, then put them in a new pasture where they'll be motivated to eat....?


That's a tough one! Good luck and keep us posted...

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