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Odin (An Update)

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Hi everyone,


It's been a long time since I've posted here. I wasn't even sure I had the right boards at first! Everything looks so different! But as soon as I saw Eilleen's name and avatar I knew I had the right place. :)


It's taken a week to get posting status, and I'm very happy it's finally here, lol. I had to make a new account because I could not remember my original sing-in name and definitely could not remember the password. Add to that the fact that the email associated with my old account is long gone, as I stopped using when I filed for divorce. (it contained my married name)


There's a possibility that no is around to even remember us, but it has been a crazy three years and I wanted to stop in and give anyone who may care or remember an update on my boy, Odin.



The long and short of it is around the time I went AWOL I left my husband. In the divorce he got our other dog, Flora and everything we owned. I got Odin and not much else. Odin and I have been through hell and high water, and we're doing just fine.


Three years out of a very unhealthy marriage, I've changed plently, but Odin has stayed the same. He's still smart and playful and mischievous and lovable in every way. He's 6 now, with his 6th gotcha day coming up on March 10th.


He has a new "poppa" now, and adores him. That isn't hard to believe seeing as Odin "Chose" him. Luke was visiting his parents one week, and was spending a lot of time out by the garage working on his AMC Eagle. Odin kept pulling toward him every single time we walked by. Eventually he pulled so hard I just let him go. What's the worst that could happen?


Hit fast-forward and Luke, Odie and I have been living happily together now for almost a year. Luke is truly amazing with Odin. In fact, he pays more attention to Odie in any given day than my ex-husband did in his entire time with him. I'm happy to have found someone who treats me right, but boy does it ever put a smile on my face to see how happy and loved Odin is :)


And now for the best part: some pictures! The album is kind of a jumple but there are some good pics of Odie having a great time. Each picture has a description. I figured linking the photobucket album would be easier than posting the pictures individually, but here are a few as well as the link to the album. Hopefully Photobucket does that resizing thing for forums otherwise these will be much too big ! :blink:











Odie, Luke & I on the Centennial Ridges Hiking Trail during a long weekend camping trip to Algonquin Provincial Park, September 2010


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Kris! I remember you too :) Yes life has turned around in a great way for sure! We plan on doing a lot more camping in Algonguin as soon as it warms up again, and we definitely have a much more active lif ein general. Not to mention the road trips all over Ontario as Luke is aways on the lookout for AMC Eagles for sale haha. One such road trip took us to Springford, ON and we took a jaunt to Long Point Provincial Park just to make a day of it... He wasn't allowed on the beach but..... we cheated a bit ;)





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