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Brody went Home yesterday!

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Brody went to his new home yesterday with his new Best Friend Forever, who fell completely in love with him on first sight. This man had looked for weeks at dog profiles all over the Southwest because he was looking for an atypical border collie. And Brody fit what they were seeking perfectly! You should have seen the look on Brody's new Dad's face! Don't know when I have seen happier smiles.


I really love this particular Happy Ending, because that is exactly what I have been saying that Brody needed......someone who wanted a border collie......but not really a border collie.

I had wondered how long it would take for that person to come along. Didn't take long at all. Just goes to show ya.

How I wish that every dog in the world could have just one person who would appreciate him or her for being just the dog they are.

D'Elle :)

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Is he going to do stock dog work? We are having a clinic in Willcox March 19th and 20th with Laura De La Cruz from El Paso. Email me for details at hsnrs@powerc.net if anyone wants to attend. Glad the adoption went well. All dogs deserve a good home.


Sadly, Brody is solidly a Barbie Collie, not a stock dog. :) But the clinic sure sounds like fun, maybe I can come down just to watch.

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