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Are you Australians safe?

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I have been expecting to see something - anything - from our Australian friends. But nothing.


Are you safe? Do you need anything that we can provide?


Floods are scary. And the news we get here is rather facile.

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Hi Nancy,


Thanks for asking. Its okay in the Hunter Valley, where I am. The worst floods are up north in Queensland, or across in Western Australia. They really do seem to be dreadful, and local reports say that people in some towns had to "put down" their dogs because they could not evacuate them and would not leave them to starve or drown. I feel so sorry for people with livestock; in some of those areas there is no high ground where people can take stock.


On that note, I should say that I always make a point of ensuring my animals have at least 3 days worth of water when I go out, (and would recommend that to anybody else!!!) after floods separated me from my dogs for 2 days in 2007. My big dogs were shut in their yard, and even although they would have been hungry, at least the rain would keep their water-tubs full. But I was extremely worried about my 15 year old poodle, because he was in the house, and I was not sure that his water would last. (He was okay, and lived on for another two years.)



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I'm safe. I'm at my parents place in North Queensland, we're in the 25% of Queensland that's not been declared a disaster zone... We're very lucky. All of my family and friends in the affected areas have been relatively unaffected. I used to live in the Lockyer Valley area and seeing the scenes on TV, after that wall of water hit them monday afternoon, breaks my heart.


I was evacuated from my home in New South Wales in early December. We were given a few hours notice and this was more than enough time to get my stuff and Bonnie's stuff sorted and packed into the car. But it has made me rethink things, I'm planning on making up some sort of emergency kit to have near the door containing things for Bonnie and myself incase we get less notice to leave next time... Luckily, this time as well my house wasn't flooded.

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