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This is my current foster dog, Brody. There's no doubt in my mind that he came from a breeder attempting to breed AKC barbie collies, and by all proper standards shouldn't ever have been bred in the first place.


But here he is, and he's just the nicest most solidly good-natured sweet cuddlebear of a dog you could find. Ready to play and go hiking any time, but equally content to snuggle at my feet when the activity is over.


As a border collie he is....well...maybe I should say he just sort of isn't! He won't be winning any agility titles and he couldn't herd his way out of a wet paper bag. In fact, I doubt that he'd have any interest in sheep at all. But he's gentle with children, adults, and yappy little dogs, is playful and loving and loves and wants to get along with every single living being he meets. Just a solidly good ol' dog who wants to be loved.


Even while I deplore his breeding, I am happy to have him as a foster dog, and am going to make sure that he gets a home with someone who will completely appreciate him just the way he is.


D'Ellepost-2074-084316700 1294100083_thumb.jpg

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Brody didn't ask to be bred one way or the other - but now that he's here, he needs a good forever home just like any other dog. Here's hoping you find him a very good one that will appreciate all his lovely qualities.


Very best wishes!

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Unfortunately there are far too many people producing dogs called BC's that can't work. At least Brody has a wonderful temperment which would make him suitable for a pet.


As others have said, it is NOT his fault how he was bred, it is just lucky that he has a wonderful temperment which should make him esy to place as a pet.

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