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I felt like a Hero today!

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I took Bandit,my Border Collie to Beach today(Chesapeake Bay). We were walking with a friend, Rita, who had a Greyhound, Zulu. We came across a young woman(early twenties) with 2 dogs. Golden Retriever, she said she recently rescued, and Black dog, (7yrs old named Midnite), who looked like Golden Retriever, only black.

I heard young woman yell," Don't throw it; It's a Kong frisbee, It won't float, but will sink!"

It was too late, my friend had already tossed it into the water, for the dog to retrieve.

My friend felt awful, said she would buy her another frisbee.

The young woman, who had wet Jeans on, and looking upset, said she paid $12 for it. That she already went into the very cold water once to retrieve frisbee ,before she knew it would not float!

Seeing how upset the young woman was, and also my friend Rita, I took my shoes off and rolled up both pants legs, and went into freezing cold water.

I found frisbee about 20ft out.

When I returned to beach with my very red and frozen feet, I handed girl the frisbee. She then began to cry, saying it was midnite's favorite toy, and that midnite was having her cancerous front leg amputated this coming Tuesday!



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Foot-chilling but heart-warming! I occasionally see a 3-legged dog who is missing a front leg at my local beach. He is a fit young black lab, and he enjoys frisbee greatly. The key is his owner has mastered a sort of frisbee throw that stays very low and rolls along the ground. When the dog jumps, and he still tries to sometimes, he often collapses in a heap. But being a dog, he just hops right up and keeps playing. I hope Midnite does well in surgery and Midnite's young lady is able to enjoy many more years with him.

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Aw, thank you for getting the frisbee. Zeph has a favorite toy, a kong ball. When I moved to a different state, and had the dog flown in, my family overnighted the stupid dog toy so he wouldn't have to endure a day without it. I know it is silly, but I think we, as owners, often attach more emotional baggage to the dog toys than the dogs themselves do.

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