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My dog is stuck


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I am looking for some advice on getting Bounce to drive the sheep away from their pen. He will go out and gather them up and bring them to me quite nicely But he is happiest when he can hold them against something and stare at them.

Yesterday in frustration I had the kids release one of the yappers from the house and he nipped their heels until they moved off. All the while Bounce was trying to hold them still. Bounce will "off' and "down" when I tell him but those commands don't get the sheep moving.

What commands and techniques will move sheep away from the pen? My Yorkie is happy to provide his sheep-abuse service any time but thats not quite what I'm trying for.

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Not quite sure I understand the situation. Are the sheep up against a fenceline (pen) and Bounce is holding them to it and won't release them?


When he goes out and gathers them up and brings them to you-is he bringing them off the pen or from an open space?


What age and level of training is Bounce at?


Nancy O

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Usually Bounce goes out and brings the sheep in from the field. Yesterday I needed the sheep moved from one field to another since we were going to open the gates and bring a vehicle through. Bounce just took the sheep to a fence and held them. I could not convince him to move the sheep along.

Bounce just past 2 and has been working goats. Once I got sheep, it was like a lightbulb flashed on for Bounce. We also work a small flock of ducks for variety.

There is a trainer about 2 hours from her but she does AKC style herding for titles. There is possibly another trainer in Ottawa (about 5 hours each way) but with my livestock and teenagers schedules it would be difficult for me to get there. I rely on this site and Littlehats to help me muddle through.

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I could not convince him to move the sheep along.
I would simply take the dog by the collar and go with him between the fence and the sheep. When the sheep lift off the fence, start backing up away from the fence (and dog). This is not atypical behavior for an inexperienced/young dog. Generally, after several times of helping them they'll bring the sheep off the fence themselves. Don't forget to reward them by letting them work the sheep after they bring them off the fence.



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