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  1. Steve always made so much sense. I'd always look for his posts because he always added clarity to every conversation.Those of us who have come on the board recently don't know what a treasure they've missed. I hope someone somewhere gleans the wisdom from Steves posts and writes a book. I was already missing him, I'm sorry to hear he has passed on.
  2. Toxoplasmosis is carried by cats and is the reason pregnant woman should have someone else change kittys litter box. It affects the development of the fetus. I'm sure others with a medical background can add to this.
  3. Rebecca, just about everything you say helps me. Thanks.
  4. I'm not knowledgable enough to help you of course but since we're on the subject, could I ask a newbie question? Does a ewe show her pregnancy like a horse does? The reason I'm wondering is the deal I had with the hay farmer was that I could have whatever was left in the barn after the Orthodox Easter just past. For $300, I got 8 sheep. Six are adult ewes, 3 had trips, 2 had twins, don't know if the last one is preggers or not. He saw his ram breeding late (around Christmas) and one ewe has quite the udder going on. He pointed out which one hadn't lambed but they are all white sheep and I ca
  5. Hi Kris. I will bring one of my hatchery catalogues to show you on Sunday. There are so many interesting breeds. My rooster Prince is a bantam and he's nice because he is not as LOUD as bigger roosters. I kept my birds in a converted outhouse with a lamp all winter. The bantams and heritage breeds did just fine. Poultry will foul the feed and bedding of your sheep. My girls sneak into the haybarn to perch and hide eggs. Having a border collie is so handy for discouraging them in the hay and getting them in at night. I've met many people around here who pronounce it ewe (rhymes with GO). My
  6. My big Sara is a "spinner". I need a command to "Unspin" for her. She is getting better with age. I also went to agility class with a BC who spun every time she heard someone clap. Great party trick, drove her owner nuts at competitions. Do you think Jazz could be taught to spin for the clicker? Break it down into steps and reward each behaviour and assign a command to it. Spinning is cute unless they weigh 85 lbs and want out the door at the same time you do.
  7. That reminds me of when Tex was sick. It was a dry, hacking cough, followed by retching up foamy water. It sounded like he had something caught in his throat. In our case, it turned out to be a food allergy. My vet was treating him for bronchitis but I'm sure now it is corn and wheat that make him cough. My kids forget and gave Tex some leftover pasta the other day. By the next morning, he was coughing and retching again. Did you feed Gonzo anything out of the usual?
  8. I have a totally blind border collie mix. No light or shadows and his eyes weep and become infected easily. Right now, his inner eyelids are drawn halfway across his eye and are stuck there, probably inflamed from all the spring dust and dirt. Tex has been blind since the age of about 5 mos. He is totally adjusted and relies heavily on sound and texture to get around. I keep up a conversation with him all the time we're outside so he can locate me. Theres lots of stuff he can do. He can "hold" the sheep, chase the frisbee with my other dogs, we play little tracking games with treats and he lo
  9. UTI! UTI! I'm so happy its a UTI! She's a living lesson on why to spay your female pups. Her lumps break open and oooze, its pretty gross. She can't have surgery to get them removed ( otherwise she would have been spayed) and they are a pain to live with even when they're benign. Her wheezing is chronic. Its probably a combo of cats and dust. She isn't chewing her paws but she's made ribbons of them in the past. She needs to drop a pound. Spencer is usually about 6 lbs. I'll have to chug her up and down the driveway and hide the cats food. Thanks for your support. .
  10. I have a Suffolk/Dorset X ewe who is badly in need of a haircut. My son and I have been shearing her down but its a slow process. The ewe is good about it, I hold her head and scratch her ear and Bounce is in a down a few feet away while son clips away. She has a top layer of felted wool, light brown from burrs and muck and close to her skin its a rich, healthy black. There is a layer in between that is Olive green in colour. Picture a sheep in army fatigues - that colour. What would cause a sheeps wool to be Green?
  11. I posted a few questions about Kathadins a while back and received some very helpful answers. They might turn up using the search function. The best advice I got was to go with a breed proven to do well in my area. I now have Dorsets and am quite happy. My hay farmer is helping me get started. He wants to cut back his flock and has given me some good deals. I bought 3 ewes off him for $300. All are preggers, one had a single ram, one had twin ewes and one is yet to pop. He is raising the lambs for me since I don't have very much experience. He did the tails for me too. Ask around, maybe you
  12. I'm seeking help for my little 12 yr old Yorkie. Her house breaking has never been great but I love her and we put up with her stubborness. She really hates going out in the cold. She is not spayed (and never will be) this is not by choice. She developed mamary lumps 3 summers ago. In the last month, her breathing has become very bad and she seems to have no control whatsoever of her bladder. KrisK was here and we were trying to have a conversation and we had to talk loudly over her wheezing. I fear my girl is going down the slippery slope. Vet visit scheduled for next Tuesday but I was won
  13. I've had broilers for about 3 years now. I just had some girls who were too small to send in the fall so I kept them over. They are huge, monsters now. I don't have the heart to send them now - any White Rock that can survive a Canadian winter deserves to live out her life on pasture.
  14. My guys love their oatmeal. Everyone has gained weight on Raw except Bounce. Too much weight for Sara, Tex and Spencer, I'm adjusting portions. I cook up the oatmeal in the morning, when I have my first coffee. I use Quaker large flake and it is cool when I return from work 2 hours later. I then boil some duck/ goose eggs and mash them in. Somedays I use a good quality canned food with no corn/wheat and with a vitamin suppliment instead of eggs. Bounce gets a heaping big bowl, everyone else just a few scoops. They then get their raw meat, veggies and a bone for dinner. They dislike kidney bu
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