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Dog Crate for the Car: Ruff Tough Kennel?

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I got a new dog car (Honda Element!) yesterday, and I'm excited about finally being able to crate my two BCs while we're on the road.


I'm crate shopping now, and having a hard time finding crates that are double doored. I want something I can get my dogs out of quickly in case of an emergency and one end of the car becomes inaccessible.


I've done a few searches through this forum on the subject, but haven't found much aside from the agreement that plastic kennels are safer than metal.


I found these guys a few weeks ago and have been trying to find out more information, but haven't come up with much. Several gun dog forums speak very highly of them though. Ruff Tough Kennels: http://www.rufftoughkennels.com/


I liked that they sold a double sided dog crate, but the kennels are designed to not crack. Has anyone used these before, or something similar? Do the dimensions look right to fit two average sized BCs? Both of my pups are the same height and weight, so what fits one will absolutely fit the other. I just wish I could see these in person before spending $300 on a pair.

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I've heard good reviews on the Working Dog Forums I frequent; have contemplated buying some myself.


I'm also looking at custom dog boxes, which can be created to have two doors. For home I like Midwest crates and the ones I have have two doors. I do occasionally use them in the car as well.

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For home I like Midwest crates and the ones I have have two doors. I do occasionally use them in the car as well.


Do the Midwest crates you use have one door on either end, or a door on one end and a door in the middle? I looked at Midwest awhile back and couldn't find a crate with a door on either end. That, and the fact that their crates are all metal- do they make plastic ones?


High quality dog boxes are a little (read: a lot) beyond my price range, but I'm glad to hear the Ruff Tough Kennels have good reviews on other working forums.

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From what I've seen, two-door crates generally have one side and one end door. Three-door crates usually have one side and two end doors.


You can still find sturdy, metal three-door crates but they tend to be heavier (not a problem if you leave them in the car). KV Vet has a 1/2 price shipping sale going on now which would reduce your shipping costs significantly, and they have one or more models with three doors. I've bought from them before and gotten very quick service.


One thing I really liked about the MidWest Ultima Three-Door was that the end doors swing in or out - really nice for a 36" crate that sits sideways in the mide-section of my Subaru with another crate behind it. I can let a dog in/out from the side door with the end crate door swung in, and the other dog can be let in/out from the rear crate through the side crate door.


You might even try Ebay for the Ultima. The 36" is roomy, and 30" is fine for smaller Border Collies.


Oh, and congrats on the new car! Enjoy!

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One problem I've had with plastic kennels is when dogs are determined to get out and manage to bend the metal door either in or out. Anyone know if the doors are stronger than the typical plastic kennel's?


I'm not sure how strong the doors are, but I've had the same problem with wire kennels. I fostered a Pit Bull two years ago who was hell bent on getting out of anything I put him in- and he always succeeded. (Fortunately he was very well-behaved outside the crate). He mangled a tough wire crate that I latched shut with zip ties. Didn't matter.


I always figure if a dog is determined to get out that badly, very little is going to stop them. The metal dog boxes are the best bet for someone with an escape artist. My two are perfectly content to sit in a flimsy soft sided crate for hours, so a plastic kennel wouldn't be an issue no matter the strength of the door.

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