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Yapping Like a Puppy

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Have any of you ever had a Border Collie that did not outgrow the yappy puppy bark?


I'm curious because Tessa yaps like a puppy when she barks.


Her age was estimated by the vet, based on her teeth, at 2 years old. By 2 years old all of mine were barking with deeper adult barks. Even Dean's high pitched excited bark has a deeper tone to it than a puppy yap.


Granted, she might do that because she has not had exposure to other barking dogs in her past. Or it might be that this is just her "thing" and she will always bark this way.


I don't find this to be a problem. Her bark is her bark. I'm actually glad she has more of a puppy yap now, even if it changes later, because it's better for Speedy.


I'm just wondering if it ever happens that a Border Collie does not outgrow the puppy yap. Or if it might mean, in spite of her teeth, that she is actually a bit younger. I guess in time I will know if this will change.

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