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OK, here it goes...and remember I'm accountant not a writer.


We got there while Steve was deworming so we patiently waited not knowing where the puppies were kept!!!!


When we got to it, Keegan was very eager and wouldn't keep a lie down outside the gate until he realized that he must remain in a good lie down to the get to the fun part (only took one time to realize this). So off he went running right at them after we gave him an ok for a good lie down.


We took a clinic in May and he took him several sessions with the sheep to get the tail and head down. It only took about 2-3 minutes this go around and we haven't seen sheep since May. He got serious quick and did very well, but took to running into the sheep a lot and nipping. However, Steve was impressed with how into the sheep he was because at the clinic after two intense days he seemed to shut down a little.


So we took a break and Keegan welcomed it. Forgot to mention that Keegan only likes to work one way, so when we switch it up on him, he tries to go back the other way...not good and we are working on it.


So the second time in, he was more interested in his audience and getting his picture taking...and eating sheep poop. Seemed a little more stressed, but did very well. We finally got him interested and go him to keep the sheep to us and would retrieve a stray sheep back to us...granted they didn't go very far because we were forcing them too...but Keegan still brought them back to us.


I'm still learning all the terms and what not so don't ask too many specific questions, although Becca and/or Laura might be able to add more specifics since I was in there I tend to loose my mind in anything but the moment...it is a lot to take in for a newbie!!!!


We had a blast and we be out again in 3 weeks!!!!!


I should also add that he took corrections very well and quickly from me for the most part, which is good becuase this doesn't always happen when he is "engaged" in something he really enjoys doing.

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I was pretty impressed with how well you were doing, not to mention Keegan. Your timing is awfully good for a beginner - I'm envious! You really know Keegan well and you were working together nicely, even at the end when his attention was starting to wander a bit. Keegan's brain was really in gear - he was just trying to find the happy medium between diving and being off contact. It's so interesting watching the light bulb go off - I never get tired of seeing it.


Keegan, Jen, and Wick are all at about the same stage of training, and about the same age (I think?). It will be fun watching the pups progress this winter and spring.

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