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Have Sheep and Dog - Need both trained


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Ok, I'm in Ohio... Northeast Ohio... as my friend Vicki says "the wasteland for working dog resources".


We have a commercial sheep farm consisting of about 175 sheep.


We just brought a rescued 2 1/2 yr old bc into our family, who already shows instinct and has already herded the stray lambs back into a building. However, Tag has not been "officially trained" for herding, which is something we would like to do.


Also, our sheep are NOT broke. This concerns me, because I can drive Tag to a trainer, but if I get him home and we work with sheep that are not broke, isn't that just going to be counterproductive? In a way, don't my sheep need trained too?


Tag has herded cows, lambs, and attempts to herd the tractors and three wheeler - and we've only had him for three days (he had bells on his collar and was herding cows before he was dropped off at the shelter and later adopted by us).


Someone said that attempting to train to herd on your own can ruin the dog. I definitely don't want to do that, but being able to travel on a regular basis to have him trained would be extremely tough - we don't get away from the farm much, as we have animals and crops (is there really life away from the farm???). Besides my concern is that the training wouldn't be as effective, as my sheep have not been exposed to a herding dog.


Thanks for your time!


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Take Kevin up on this offer.


Sheep don't need to be totally dog broke to work well -- they just have to learn what a dog means. Once they learn that a dog doesn't mean the end of the world, but that it does mean that they have to move, things will go just fine.

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