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  1. I pulled out of a trial this weekend because the weather forecast was in the high 90's and I felt I would be selfish to run my dog and somebody else's sheep in that heat. I would never train at home in these temperature's, I've been training early morning and at dusk for short periods. Evidently I'm in the minority on this and wondered how people felt about trialing in very hot temperatures. Kevin Brannon
  2. Hi Inez, I was at Claudia's and it was not my best trial outing, but I learned what I needed to work on. I haven't been to a trial for 7 years and that was a good one to get back into it . Hopefully I make it into the Fogt's trial this summer. The reason I asked though is that there are a few very good trainers close to you and quite a few good trainers. Claudia, Cole Hidey and Lyle Ladd all live in that area. I have learned more from a few hours with a good trainer then from years of reading internet opinions. I must not have been clear in my post Waffles, I was just talking about excessive barking not behavior problems in dogs in general. I have some very well exercised dogs who would bark at the cats every time they walked by if they thought it was ok, so I don't see a relationship between a lot of exercise and less barking. In other words I think dogs bark regardless of the amount of exercise they have excepting of course extremes where they are to tired for much of anything. This is just my opinion though, I'm not a dog behaviorist and I have nothing other than my own experiences to base this on. Kevin Brannon
  3. There should be a lot of information on this well accepted idea floating around the internet or in reference materials I could pick up at the library. I am always interested in looking at studies and research about canine behavior.C ould you direct me to a few that you are getting your facts from. I don't view most barking as behavior problem, just something I don't want to listen to all the time. So I would like to read more on the subject of barking being a behavior problem also. I was at a trial in Greenfield this past weekend where you there Inez? Kevin Brannon
  4. I have had very good results from firm consistent correction. I usually have anywhere from six to ten dogs in my kennels and they don't bark a whole lot. Usually when people pull in the drive , the sheep get out, they hear a siren or some other out of the ordinary circumstance. A quick "that's enough" ends it. I haven't found any correlation between exercise and barking. I would be interested in reading your information on barking and exercise. Could you point me to some on line references? Kevin Brannon
  5. Wasn't Ralph Pulfer's Tweed a merle? He was certainly an excellent dog and was bred. Kevin
  6. I saw this on the news and my impression was that the lawyer was trying to sue in the dogs name not the owners. That is why she is trying to get the dog declared a living soul. That would I think open a five gallon bucket of worms. Kevin
  7. I taught a small bitch I had some years ago to do this and thought it was pretty cool until she jumped when I wasn't expecting it and cracked me in th jaw with her head. I put and end to it then and have never taught another dog to do it.
  8. I went to Ms Crawford's website and looked at her dog's pedigree and there is no line breeding in the first 4 generations. The sire is one of John Holman's dogs who is from good working lines. The Dam's sire is a Kensmuir dog,also from good working lines. The Dam's Dam I am not familiar with the breeding. Ms Crawford, your dog must be cross registered though since it has AKC titles. I know John Holman registers his dogs with the AKC. So you seem to be supporting the AKC and also supporting breeding for working ability only at the same time. I don't believe you can support both sides of this issue. I hope that as you continue to learn about working Border Collies you will realize what an amazing animal the working Border Collie is and how important it is that we breed only good working dogs to good working dogs without trying to match an arbitrary physical standard.
  9. Bill, Make sure you fill the horses up good on some grass hay they really like before turning them out on lush pastures. You don't want a horse with colic.
  10. Try this group for some good info on the HSUS's finances. http://humanewatch.org/
  11. The HSUS advertises itself as an organization that rescues animals and it doesn't. It spends a lot of money raising money that goes to pay big saleries and huge pensions. The little bit of good it does can't come close to the damage it does by fooling people into thinking they are helping pets that need rescued. The consequence of this is that organizations like the ASPCA and animal rescues can't get the funds they need. I personally think the HSUS should be investigated for fraud.
  12. Bruce and Linda Fogt are having a trial in July in Sidney if you can wait that long. I have a 10 year old female that the owner had to give up when they had to leave their house. She is a very healthy well behaved dog. Try Try Dave Jenkins Hillside Border Collies. He's been breeding and training for over thirty years, or Bruce and Lind Fogt, or Claudia Frank . Kevin Brannon
  13. I don't think you should make accusations like this against any breeder without some very concrete evidence. Almost all lines contain these problems (I'm not sure a poor personality is a huge defect in a working dog) to some degree. Your post implies that they sell dogs with these defects even though you don't come right out and say it.
  14. I had a dog just a tad offline on the fetch so I gave a short away whistle and Ladd took a short comebye. So I gave a little bit longer away to correct his bad flank and get the original flank I wanted and he went farther comebye. After Ladd circled the sheep completely I realized the dog was fine I was blowing comebye not away. I didn't get many points on that fetch. The day before I didn't blow a whistle on the fetch at all and he got all his points on the fetch inspite of a very strong draw to the exhaust. Kevin Brannon
  15. Pepper's family needs to move to an apartment and she needs a new home. She is 10 years old, in very good health, up to date on all shots and such. She is a very nice girl used to children. She's a medium coat black and white, very good in the house, not neurotic , no health problems just a nice dog. I need to find a home by the middle of April or she will have to come here and stay in a kennel and she's always been an inside dog so I'm trying to avoid that. If you are interested please call me. Kevin Brannon 740-828-9552
  16. There is a Bobby Dalziel clinic in NE Ohio In May. I've copied the contact info from their email to Sheepdog-l For further information or to make your reservation please contact Elaine Blaschke at EBlaschke@aol.com or Bill Blaschke at BBlaschke@aol.com or call us directly at 440-338-6301. This phone number has a voicemail attached. It is our home and business number. Please feel free to leave a message complete with your name and contact numbers. Kevin Brannon
  17. One thing you never want in a dog is straight bad behavior. You should always try to curve bad behavior.
  18. I have used Happy Jack's Pad Kote with good results. Kevin Brannon
  19. I have 6 dogs in kennels and if they hear a siren ( a rare occurence here) they will start to howl, sometimes they howl with the coyotes and they howl every morning when I leave for work. It's always Nell and her half brother Jaff that start things off and the others join in or don't depending on their moods I guess. Kevin Brannon
  20. I live in Frazeysburg and have raised and trained dogs for 12 years. I may have a litter this spring. These people I know from the Working Border Collie Breeders list. Wirt Mikesell has some nice dogs and he is very good about getting all the popular health checks done. Dave Jenkins does the Demo at the Ohio State Fair and usually has some nice imported dogs. He doesn't breed alot but he would be worth calling. He's been raising and training Border Collies for a very long time. Claudia Frank has very nice dogs. The Fogts have very nice dogs. The rest of the people on the list I don't know. If you are looking for a companion dog I would suggest going to rescue. If I do have a litter the two dogs I have in mind are very head strong working dogs and the pups would not make good pets for most people both work sheep and cows and both need a firm hand. Rescues tend to be a bit older and you have a better idea of what you are getting into. Kevin Brannon 740-828-9552
  21. My Belgians park out on their own. They must find it comfortable, I've seen them sleeping parked out e. My horses are work horses I don't show or pull with them.
  22. I think to breed these dogs ethically they would need to do all the DNA test for both breeds and of course do at least two different test for HD. Then if their screening of potential puppy parents was rigid enough I think it would be ok. Kevin
  23. This was done to the mother of one of my dogs by a well known breeder that had to know what they were doing. I called Patty and asked if you were allowed to change a bitches name after giving birth and she said no but I don't think anything was done about it. I think it's underhanded and the people who do it are well aware of what they are doing. I'm very tempted to say who this person is but think maybe discretion would be the better part of valor in this case. Kevin
  24. I have a round pen but only use it with horses, it is my opinion that if a dog is old enough to handle training it is old enough to handle corners. Kevin
  25. Thats bad news about the levamasole. I've been using it with good effect for a few years now.
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