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I was turned onto this story by a posting on another board I read.


Shrek the sheep faces his shearers


A sheep in New Zealand has become something of a celebrity after dodging the shearers for six years.


The 10-year-old merino sheep, nicknamed Shrek, is thought to have avoided his annual haircut by hiding in rock caves.


But his luck came to an end when he was spotted by Ann Scanlan, at Bendigo hill station on South Island.


She tried to sneak up on the animal, but despite carrying a fleece weighing nearly 27kg he managed to escape.



"Next thing Ann came screaming down the ridge [saying] 'I've just seen this thing'," said hill station owner John Perriam. "I sort of thought she'd lost her marbles really."


Another man, Daniel Devine, finally managed to capture the elusive animal.


Shearers estimate that Shrek's coat is so large it could provide enough merino wool to make more than 20 large suits.










Concern for woolly sheep's welfare

SPCA contacts owner of woolly sheep after concerns his health will suffer when six years' growth of fleece shorn


20 April 2004


Animal rights activists are being assured Shrek the Wonder Sheep will be well cared for once he is shorn.


The Merino wether will have six years of fleece growth removed this week.


His story has made headlines around the world, following his capture after six years on the run at Bendigo Station in Central Otago.


Owner John Perriam says the SPCA has been in touch with concerns about Shrek's health once he is shorn.


Mr Perriam has ordered a special coat for the animal once he has lost his fleece.




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How would you have liked to have to have shorn him? Bet that was fun getting through all that.

Anything that can hide so it doesn't get shorn for 6 years is probably smart enough to go for another 10 years - assuming the shearing doesn't do him in. Sure gave everyone I know a good laugh.

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hehaw hehaw....You guys are just to friggin funny! I am not going to deny it cause I have seen myself with my contacts stuck to the backs of my eyeballs, my hair sticking straight up and usually wearing the dirty clothes I walked dogs in the night before...You got me NOOOOOOO argument here I am afraid...Course, I might look hag ugly in the mornings but I am still about 20 years younger than you guys when I am looking like crap so it kinda makes it all seem ok! bahahahahah (that ultra mean crack was only aimed at one or two folks so dont burn me in flames please.)


What a glorious day!!!! Sunny warm and the dogs did pretty darned good!!! The ink is dry on the buff check, guess I own the miserable beast now.


Ah also, I just once again want to point out the fact that ***I*** did not take us off topic!!! ahem.


Poor Robin, her lot in life, making sure I am up intime for my midday runs... See my mood is so wonderful, not a thing you guys can say will ruin it..and yes, I did take my meds today!!!! I am just so happy it is spring, I cant even stand it...

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I make no claims to being a spelling wiz


Just ask Renee.


(I was on our temperamental home computer and didn't want to risk shutdown before posting so I skipped spell check with MSWord. Sorry if my flaws offended your perfect day.)


And before you restate that I'm off topic; it's my thread and I can take it wherever I want.



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