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When I brought Tucker home, we determined he had KC, he got a round of antibiotics and is fine. However, about 4 days after he got here, Skip started reverse sneezing, and then coughing. I figured he would probly shake it off as he is in excellent health and UTD on shots. He didn't. So he gets the same antibiotics as Tucker. He finishes that round and is no better. Vet put him on Clavamox and prednisone. He finishes that round on Mon. morning and he is no better. If he is outside running with the other dogs, he seems fine. No coughing no RS. He has coughed some when he was outside, but not when playing. Inside, he will have attacks that last for 5 min or more, then will go some time, 2-3 hours and nothing. It is a "whooping" kinda cough. And sometimes, when he's done, he will seem to be breathing through his mouth and his mouth will be opening and closing. He is eating fine, drinking fine. Not lethargic, still alert. I have never encountered anything like this. He is going back to the vet mon as soon as I can get him in. I'm starting to think he has something stuck in his thoat. Or worse, it's his heart.


Any ideas? Thanks ahead of time.

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I would start by taking his temp. It may be normal due to the antibiotics he is on but it is a good place to start. I would also be thinking allergies, mostly because of the reverse sneezing. If it is kennel cough it should run its course, if it continues that would lead me toward allergies. He may just be to "busy' outside to be coughing and sneezing and adrenaline is up while he is running and playing. Anything new in the house? Are windows open? Does it occur more in the evening? I know my allergies have kicked in for the last couple weeks, especially when the windows are open at night.


There are of course more serious conditions that cause coughing, like heart or lung issues. If it continues I would do blood work and a chest xray. May want to try allergy meds before going to the more expensive things.


Hope he gets better soon



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Sorry to hear about Skip, Linda. It just tears me up to hear them cough so much. I hope he gets over it soon. I'm glad that Tucker is feeling better, though.


I have a 13 yr. old foster dog, Boots, who is battling a terrible case of kennel cough at the moment and even after 5 days on doxy has gotten steadily worse and won't eat or drink (despite many tempting treats, fluids, etc.) This morning I finally had to take her to the ER vet and ask for Clavamox and Baytril and have sub-q fluids. I'm crossing my fingers that this will help the poor dear out.


Hang in there!





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