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Hello all. If anyone out there can help me find or create opportunities to work my dog in Arizona, please do. Response by email is okay too if this is not a proper forum topic. I am in the greater Phoenix area, but travelling is possible too. It's very discouraging to not be able to continue working with my dog, it was the only thing that made all the other crap worth it -- just about the only thing I looked forward to.


Thank you.

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Charlie's in Utah and he seems to travel, gypsy-like, with his sheep here, there, and yon. Maybe he'd work something out with you. At the least, he might have some contacts in your area. Anyway, he'll see this thread sooner or later and will hopefully have some brilliant ideas for you.



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Sheep gypsy. That's a charming picture you paint of me, Julie. Alas, the reality of the thing is less pleasant; sheep tramp is probably more like it. I do move around a bit, but my tramping area does not go quite as far as Phoenix, which is some 800 miles from home.


Anyway, I don't know Dodie Green, but I certainly know *of* her. Amy - who I expect does know DG - has provided the best lead.


Some other things you might try, though I can't really vouch for them personally...


Arizona Border Collie Stockdog Association

Brad Peterson 660 W. Morelos Ct. Chandler, AZ 85224-7697


Arizona Herding Association - www.azherding.com



Schroeder Border Collies

HC 1 Box 706

Elgin, AZ 85611




charlie torre

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