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I don't think there are any trainers giving lessons in this area, but there is a group of folks of varying ranges of experience that get together to work sheep and ducks. There is a small stock fee ($10 for sheep, $5 for ducks I think) and if you become a regular they ask that you help out on work days to repairs fences and such. They use this yahoo group to post dates and times and such: http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/ewequackmeup/


Meg and I are working on other things so I've not gone to any training sessions yet, but they seem like a great group of people.


There is a trial next weekend (Aug 7th and 8th) and another one in September....good opportunities to meet people in our area. Detail are on the group site.

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Spokane WA is a close major city as is Coeur D'Alene ID...



Norm and Vickie Close are very near then at CDL, ID. There are also some good handlers near Spokane but I don't know if they give lessons or not. Sue Wessels at Dayton, WA and Noel Williams in Spokane both come to mind but I do know that Norm gives lessons for sure. Look up Handhills Border Collies and you will get to his site. Don Helsley is further south at Caldwell, ID. Their site is Helsleyranch.com.......Bob

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Though not local to you, there is also Patrick Shannahan over in Caldwell, ID. He's about 6 hours from Spokane so it'd be a hike, but he holds clinics and stuff sometimes. His website is here:



Dianne Deal is in the same area and her website is here:



Neither would be convenient for you as a regular thing, but you might watch for occasional clinics or seminars. Hope this helps!

Cheers ~



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