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I know there is still a day and a week left... But OMG Cressa is doing AWESOME. She is in KY right now trialing with my trainer. She got 3 dbl Q's so far in 3 days. Beating all the other 16in dogs and there is like 80 dogs competeting. She gone 1st place every class. Some are/were on the little world team for USA and other were in the finals for nationals last year. Today she beat all of the other dogs by 5 SECONDS!!! I am so trilled. I've been geeking out since my trainer called. :D :D :D


Hoping she keeps it up for nationals.


Don't have any videos from this weekend :rolleyes:


But here is a Cressa pix if interested.



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Ok, so WOW! now I AM stressing. Cressa had an 8 for 8 weekend. She got another dbl Q. Both 1st places again. This time she beat the other dogs by 7 SECONDS!!!! She has been beating the other dogs by a couple seconds all weekend but to beat them by 5+ seconds. :D :D


:rolleyes: I've been ban from seeing Cressa till after finals. Also won't be running Cress for state touraments either. :D **sniff **sniff :D


Hoping to change my trainer mind at least about NOT seeing her.

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That is very exciting, so how far could Cressa go with your trainer?


:rolleyes: WITH? my trainer Cressa WILL go very far fast.


With me it would take more time. I need more experience, to get in better shape, AND be a whole lot richer! :D I still plan on/still compete with Cress and still have to earn her MACh. I still have to make it to nationals.


:D From feb 09-april 09 I was really sick. I didn't really recover till Aug 09. Then in Oct 09 I caught the H1N1 virus and it put me out longer.

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