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Hi. I'm Gordon and I have just joined the forum.


I live in Glasgow, Scotland. I own a great Border Collie called Clyde who is 2 years old. We have just started training round sheep. We are getting trained be Julie Simpson-Hill, who was the first woman to win supreme champion in trials in 1996 and her partner Bobby Henderson, who won supreme champion in 1998. So I'm off to a good start with my training with these tutors.


I will be moving to Ontario in July and hope to keep training when I get over there. I want to eventually train him to become a goose dog rather round sheep as think will get more use out of the training. I also want to get a puppy when I get settled there.


I love the topics on the forum and think it will be a great way of getting help from experienced handlers also.


talk to you all soon.



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Welcome! And, wow! Julie Simpson-Hill and Bobby Henderson for trainers...


There are some terrific folks in Ontario, and someone here will direct you towards the association in that area but I believe it's www.ontariobordercollieclub.com.

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Wow, i'm jealous that you get to train with them regularly. We've had Bobby here in Ontario several times to judge and do clinics.


We have an active herding and trialling community in Ontario and in the N.E. USA; Look us up when you get here. Where are you moving to in Ontario.


Cynthia Palmer

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Welcome Gordon.


I was just in Glasgow (as in last week) It was really lovely there (I got to experience the Tartan Army and a Rangers game)! You are very lucky to have good mentors in the beginning like you have.


I'm sure you will find lots of help from these boards.



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I am hoping to settle near Port Hope, Ontario. I will be coming over around May for interviews etc I hope.


Danielle, I'm glad you got to see Scotland win for a change and also the mental crowds at a Celtic v Rangers game. Quite an atmosphere.


I have only had 2 lessons so far from Julie, and hope to get a few more under my belt before I move over. I'm not sure if I would compete at trials, but I quite fance having a look at goose work. I think I would get more chance to work with Clyde doing that.


This is my dog Clyde.



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