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Hot Spot???


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I think Poke might have a hot spot??? :rolleyes: He was nibbling at his back end last night and I didn't see anything besides pulled on fur, but when I got home from work today I saw a big old chunk of hair missing (about 3/4" in diameter) and a red spot in the middle. At first I though Ceana took a chunk out of his rear end. It would be unlike her to do so, but she was out with him. Then I looked closer and it looks almost like a rash??? It has barely broken skin and he really wants to itch it.


It doesn't look pussy or smell as far as I can tell. I put a warm compress on it and he is obeying my leave it very nicely. It has been really rainy lately and he has grown such a coat... would that be enough moisture? On the other hand there is some sort of weed that has sprung up in the yard that makes Ceana's face swell up. Perhaps it irritated him as well? What do you guys think?


If it is a hot spot how do you treat it?


Please excuse the bad photo, he doesn't like my "noisy" camera so I used my phone.


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Looks like one to me, but with the plant you're talking about I'd wonder.

Gold bond medicated powder will help, I've also gotten stuff from the vet (powders) that do the trick too. Pretty much anything the will dry it out and keep him from licking.

WHen Jazz gets them it's always really untimly (like there's ever a good time but usually when I'm getting ready to go out of town so she'll be with DH only) and they're bad for her (she doesn't leave them alone even when I tell her to, she goes and hides) so I usually end up taking her in and she gets a shot of cort. Works quickly for her and then I don't have to worry about it.


You can also cut the hair off around it, that way it won't hold moisture around the spot.

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Could be, but it looks kind of like a bite of some sort to me...


Would a bite be that big? It isn't raised like a bite. DH thought he was itching a tick... but it just doesn't look right. It could be something we have never seen though.


We cut off a bunch of fur surronding it just in case. It is a little moist/oozy now that all that fur is gone. Poor buddy is giving me the most pitiful look. You can tell it really bothers him. Would benedryl help with icthing at all? We may have to go get some goldbond tonight.

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Poor Poke :rolleyes:

It's hard to tell the size from your photo. Either Benedryl or Gold Bond powder might help, depending on what it is--I'd try both, as I don't think either will hurt Poke and that way you're covered if it's a hot spot or a histamine reaction...

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I would give the benedryl and try the goldbond.If its a bite , the benedryl will help too.

Shaving the area to let the air get at it is another good idea. I would check his entire butt area for other spots. he may have been trying to get to another area but pulled hair in the closest place to it. Hot spots are notorious for driving dogs literally insane with irritation and they pull out all the hair in and around the infected area for some sort of relief. Its a vicious cycle. If that is indeed what it is and depending how bad , he will need antibiotics obviously .

You mentioned that it is kind of moist and oozy ? Is it red and have small yellowish or white spots on it ? That would be a hot spot in full force. Maybe you caught it before it got that bad.

Check it out with a magnifing lense if you have one :rolleyes: Then you can see if it is indeed a bite.


Keeping it dry and letting it get air an see how it goes seems like the way to go for now.


If it seems to be spreading I would get him to the vet.


Dogs dont get posion ivy like we do , as far as I know. Im not sure about any other plants affecting their skin like you described , but Im not from your area either . Im be interested about the weed in your yard that made his face swell up though.


It could be a spider bite. I have bee thru that with one of my husbands Shepherds and it wasnt pretty. So , if you think its possible , please take him to the vet. Especially if it gets REALLY painful , and he wont let you near it at all. His dog almost lost her tail because of it. But by some miracle , she didnt. Do you have poisonous spiders in your area ? Black widows or recluse spiders ?

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Is it red and have small yellowish or white spots on it ? That would be a hot spot in full force. Maybe you caught it before it got that bad.


Yep. It has a yellowish white crud stuff in the center.


Im be interested about the weed in your yard that made his face swell up though.
Poor Ceana looked like she had a golf ball in her cheek. It happened twice before I figured out what it was. All of a sudden the other night her cheek was massive. We gave her a couple of bendryl and made sure there was nothing in her mouth that was stuck. She didn't have any problems breathing, her tongue wasn't swollen and there weren't any marks on her face. After 30 minutes the swelling started to go down and the next day we gave her one more benedryl to be safe. We cut the grass and didn't have any more problems. It started to rain again and these big old weeds popped up at least 8 inches in two days. Yesterday I noticed she was chewing on a weed I called her in and her face started to swell in front of me. At least we know what it is now. We were going to pull all the weeds tonight, but Mr. Poke decided to present his own surprise. With all this rain, DH and I have allergies, two out of three dogs are have reactions due partly to the weather, lol... I think we might be benedryl's best customer at the moment.


ETA: I believe we have both brown recluse and black widows down here. The red spot is some where between the size of my pinky and ring finger nail. I had a buddy get bitten by a brown recluse. He thought it was a zit for a couple of days and then it got massive. They had to drain a bunch of black dead tissue out of his face. He was an ex-marine and claims all those innoculations he had to get minimized his reaction. :rolleyes: This isn't raised at all like his bite was.

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It sounds like a hot spot :D But ,only you know if its vet material , so if it doesnt respond to any of your treatments , which is really a maintainance kind , I would see the vet. Especially if it gets worse. If Poke needs a antibiotic , the quicker he gets them , the better. :rolleyes:


Im glad you are aware of the spiders. They can cause such terrible pain and worse.

Im not trying to diagnose anything , just trying to help you and Mr. Poke .

The benedryl will help , has he responded after taking it ? Is he less irritated by the area ?

IMO , I would be careful with the benedryl , dont give anymore then 1 tablet at a time unless directed by your vet.


I give suppliments to all my dogs as we all do Im sure , but give something that will benefit the skin and hair too. Omega 6 is great for skin and hair. I know there are alot of other suppliments out there, I cant get into them all now , and natural ones too , so look into them. :D


Let us know how Mr. Poke is doing ? :D

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Thanks guys. The gold bond has been working. It looks like the spot has scabbed over, dried out, and is not spreading. It is still sensative, but he has been a very good boy and is not scratching or licking when I tell him leave it, although he is sulking the entire way.

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