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My name is Kristina and i live in South Florida- in a more rural town called Davie.


I am both new to this forum and to Borders! Well, to be quite honest, we don't have our BC yet! However I do have 3 Huskies and 4 cats. So definitely not a first time dog owner! Hehe. Let me tell you a bit about my pack and I... Currently I have one male Husky, Mickey, and 2 females, Cheyenne and Mishka, and of course the cats. The 3 of them pretty much fell into my lap, thankfully not all at once! I LOVE having 3 dogs, and i could never ever again picture having less. But as crazy as it seems... 4 sounds like a good even number! Which brings me here. I've always had a love for Border Collies, Huskies just happened to find me first!


I have a hobby of researching breeds, so i know the general "book version" of a Border Collie. Unfortunately, most people who own them here shouldn't really own them... or any dog who needs some stimulation. So i don't get very good first hand experiences. Which hopefully you all can provide :rolleyes:


Looking forward to getting to know you all!


Oh and because who doesn't LOVE pics?!



Cheyenne, Mishka, and Mickey

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