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  1. I want to start looking for a BC pup to add to the family, I don't have a time frame really but I've decided to start looking and see what's out there. Where in the heck do I start?! With most other breeds I would start with the Breed clubs. But I don't want a conformation BC. So that leaves me with the working registries. And they don't have a list of "qualified" breeders. And I won't ship a pup. How can I start my search? Rescues are great, but i've gotten every dog currently in my house as "rescues" and want to start getting into herding and some sport, something Seamus isn't healthy enough to do. As well as i've got cats and I don't want to see them (or any of the other dogs) hurt. I'm in Florida, USA.
  2. About 90% of my fosters have had issues. When I say "issues" i don't mean it as serious as it sounds. Marking in the house, barkers, attacking vacuums, aggressive on lead, pullers, resource guarders, aggressive to men/women/children/dark skin/overweight, beaten, not housebroken, possessive over toys... I guess what I should have said was it's very rare to get a "perfect dog" as a foster. And there will most likely always be at least one "thing" that sets them off or makes them not "ideal" to most people. Again people is generalized as in the general public, not necessarily the general "dog" public.
  3. Coming to terms with the fact that 9 times out of 10 the foster is going to have some sort of "issue." The severity with vary, but there is almost always an issue. Be prepared to begin to work with the dog in overcoming or controlling the issue. Be prepared to (and let yourself!) love the dog. And then give it up. The first is the hardest, but it always is bittersweet to say goodbye. Be involved in the foster and treat him/her as your own pet BUT try not to ignore your own personal pets and I like to have them get their own "family" time without the foster. As Dixie has said, be prepared to clean up messes. A lot of adult rescues aren't housebroken or some may appear to be but if you watch them like a hawk you might catch them sneaking off to urinate. I see this a lot more with males. Be patient and cautious. Sometimes families don't tell the rescue everything or some things may not have been evaluated. Always use caution, don't ever assume the dog is OK with or has experienced something before. Generally rescues will place dogs that are at your experience level and won't overwhelm you. I find it better to take some time off between fosters. Sometimes a month, other times just a few weeks. But I think it makes my own dogs feel more comfortable.
  4. What a horrible thing to have to do, i'm so sorry. You've put so much effort into her and tried to give her the best life possible... Unfortunately, sometimes there's nothing that can be done. I'm truly so sorry and hope Breve will finally find some peace at the other side. You've done all you can, much much more than most people would/could have done.
  5. Name Cell phone House phone City REWARD! Although I really really like the "I should not be out, please call my mom." Makes me want to buy new tags. Jeez just what I need, more dog stuff! I get our tags from online and they are the military "dog tags" they can fit a lot of info and they're pretty tough. Between my 3 mouthy huskies (and Seamus of course) they've lasted very long. http://www.pet-tags-online.com/
  6. The injections are in fact Adequan. Hopefully this will work out well.
  7. Thanks for the clarification Our appt is in about an hr and i've been reading up on this Adequan. I'm impressed so far... I just hope it will be effective with a dog who has no cartilage left as opposed to a dog who still has at least some left between it's joints. I'm going to ask the vet about this and about which supplement he wants Seamus to be on instead of Dasuquin.
  8. Yes he swims. The woman who owned him from puppyhood said he absolutely hated water and would never even get near it but he loves the water so not sure what happened there... We've been swimming at the lake for the past 3 weeks about 3x a week. We also have a pool in the backyard so he's been in that since he's arrived. The vet wants me to use this as our pretty much exclusive form of serious exercising. Are you talking about total mg of fish oil or DHA/EPA (omega 3?) Because if you're talking total fish oil Seamus has been on about 2000mg a day since the beginning, doubling that up shouldn't be too much of a problem. Hopefully this will all help him out as I really don't want him to be lame by 5 years old (for his sanity and my own.)
  9. On most other boards i'm arooroomom (houseful of Huskies here) but I didn't think that was actually appropriate for a BC forum. My identity is my name for the most part.
  10. Goodness that's a LOT of fish oil! We buy ours at CVS/Walgreens too. Incredible price difference compared to the grocery store... Do you notice a difference with the higher amount of mg? That's a big difference! I'm not at all needle shy and wouldn't mind doing it myself... Our vet wants to charge around $30 a shot for them... I'll get the name and see if I can get them myself.
  11. I'm not exactly sure what the supplement or the shots are called. Tomorrow i'll write everything down and go from there as that's our first shot. Yes the Dasuquin was with MSM. I've added 2 fish oil pills (about 700mg or so of DHA) to his diet daily since he's been here as well as 400IU of vit. E Yes, he's been quite full of surprise issues, but I love the little tard.
  12. Seamus was taken to the Chiropractor after i've been watching him limp for some time. It seemed the limp was going away/getting better when I would take him swimming and eversizing him that way. When he first came to live with me he was probably around 65lbs or so. He was a BIG guy. Now, as of the appt on wednesday he's a much healthier 45.5lbs but could still lose about 5 more. Getting back to the vet... I brought him in for a Chiropractic adjustment and it seemed to help a bit after the vet had me run him around and made adjustments. He said he didn't like how the knee felt when he maipulated and wanted to get an Xray. Long story short Seamus has no cartilage left between his knees. X-Ray: He's raw fed and i've been adding Chicken feet this past week and he was on Dasuquin before. Is there anything else I can do to help him out? The vet is going to be starting a 6 week course of injections to help try to form some cartilage (i think if I remember correctly.) It's not steroids and it's not an anti-inflamitory. He also wants to start a more beefed up supplement. Help?
  13. Personally if I were you i'd be looking for a smaller BC or small Aussie. I prefer to have an equal male/female ratio but it's much easier to do male/male if you get the newcomer as a pup, not an adult. Just the other day i met a very very small BC female at the park, her drive/energy/work willingness was so much greater than Seamus I was floored! JRs are nice dogs but I wouldn't recommend one to a home with small children. But that depends on just how small the children are and how they interact with dogs.
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