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Flyball: Ball Thrusters

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Hey guys and gals. I am looking for a diagram, design sheet anything to help me build a steel ball thruster. I have found many sites that posts photos and such but they never have exactly what I need to engineer one. I have the tools to build just not the knowledge ..yet


I am building a Flyball box for my BC and for now will use standard wood launcher but would like to add a steel thruster to better the box. I am not looking to sell the thrusters just build one of my own. I will not buy something I know I can build cheaper.


Any help will be greatly appreciated. You can post here or to my email (Scott Bowen)


thank you


bye bye

Scott Bowen

Dexter "The Wonder Dog" Bowen

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From what I've seen, those are custom designed & manufactured by the people selling them. As they are sold in such small numbers, I would think it's unlikely you'll find detailed plans floating around for those.


hmm well I think I will just have to see one up close and take some photos of my own. Thanks for input

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I have a springback hybred box for sale Two big holes and two small holes. I bought it for 1400.00 last year. Need to get rid of it. I'll let it go for $950.00 I have pitures. Email me at hpjoe2001@Hotmail.com

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