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  1. I have a springback hybred box for sale Two big holes and two small holes. I bought it for 1400.00 last year. Need to get rid of it. I'll let it go for $950.00 I have pitures. Email me at hpjoe2001@Hotmail.com
  2. PLEASE HELP!!!! out my non-profit rescue, for BC (www.MWBCR.ORG). I'm NOT ASKING FOR MONEY just 2 minutes of your time. Vote for Stoli - the dog at http://www.bissell.com/mvp_PetDetail.aspx?id=8590070915 Times are really rough this year and a lot of family's are giving up there dogs. Which means more need to be rescued.Also we are not getting as many monetary contribution. It does take a lot of money to feed,vet and shelter these dogs.They more then deserve it! Bissell( The Vacuum company) is going to make a HUGE money donation to my rescue group if she wins 100% of the proceeds will go to www.MWBCR.ORG which provides help finding homes for these dogs. I hate to beg, but PLEASE HELP! I did this last year and they do not start spamming your e-mail with random junk.It is safe! PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO A FRIENDS! WE HAVE TILL MARCH 11th THANK YOU SO MUCH! Joe
  3. First off all agility and flyball people are not the same. There are both good and bad in both. To answer your question. Yes I spent $200.00 to have my dog x-rayed to see if her growth plates where closed. Agility is much harder on the dog then flyball ex.. Weave poles, multiple jumps ect.... I am not saying flyball is not. That is why I just spent 1276.00 on a springback box to ease some of the shock. So if you did not know much about flyball why respond......to be mean? Now to the rest of you. I am working hard on a swimmers turn, but I dont know if I am doing it right. Is there any secrets you can share? I was also having her turn right for about 3 weeks and I took away the training aids now all she goes is left. So I just changed that also. I am on a team but where I go I have to pay so I kind of think she is not working as hard as she could be to teach my dog. So she can keep getting money out of me. Is there any way to increase speed on recalls also? or does that come with time?Last, how do I get her to stop paying attention to other dogs in the lane next to her?
  4. I am currently training flyball to my BC. She just turned a year old. I took her to a mock tournament she did good around 6.2ish and goes crazy over the sport. What can I do to get her to be a tier one dog........speed, BOX TURN ect? Any and all comments welcome. P.s I just bought a New Springback should be in shortly:) Thank you Joe
  5. WOW. 3.9 that is flying. My dog just turned a year old and went for her first pratice run. She did a 6.2. Congrats
  6. THIS WORKS VERY WELL! I had to do that for my new rescue. Took a couple of weeks but now I can put my face next the bowl as she eats and even reach in her mouth!
  7. IS anyone going to the Naperville IL, for the Ashley Whippet Disc Dog competition. This will be my first time attending. I am not in the competition. Curious on what to expect?
  8. Does anyone have any flyball/ Agility equipment for sale? Or know of a place to find good but cheap equip.
  9. Does Anyone live in the Chicagoland area? If so do you know of anyone good Training centers?
  10. Now I am sort of biased when it come to females. Having grown up with them my whole life. I have just always heard they are easier to train. They train faster. Their temperaments with childern, other dogs are better, and they are much easier to house break. I have never owned a male. So I dont know for fact. Comments/stories?
  11. HOW TO BUILD WEAVE POLES http://www.dogpatch.org/agility/FAQs/faqweave.html
  12. Thank you shores. Haha even if you wanted to get rid of you couldn't
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