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  1. where on the Optigen site does it show cheek swab? And where does it show the pricing difference between the cheek and blood tests? thanks so much! I can't seem to find it! Duh!
  2. Very interesting! I had done the blood test with MOTH and it was very expensive to send from where I am!
  3. My boy, MOTH is normal. I haven't tested Drama yet, but her mother is normal, and her father is a carrier. Should she be a carrier, I'm not worried at all.
  4. I've done the pills in the past, but for the past several years I just sprinkle a bit on their food a few times a week. Including the cat food!
  5. I too highly recommend xrays. Depending on what you see there are all kinds of options for treatments. Acupunture, chiro, supplements etc all help my older girl, she's a lab. We have just started giving her a series of Adequan shots and I must admit I'm extremely thrilled with the results we have after only receiving half her shots! Keep us posted on what you find!
  6. Sending all positive vibes from Nove Scotia for Juniper! I hate when they are not feeling well and they can't tell us what's going on. (((hugs)))
  7. I give garlic and last year (we live in the boonies!) on the 6 dogs and 1 cat we have, I picked off ONE tick! This year I am giving Revolution for heartworm but still will continue with the garlic. I hate ticks!!!!!
  8. Names are very personal and who cares if anyone else think they are stupid! People wonder why my red & white border collie is named MOTH, it stands for Man Of The House, as when I got him I had my two blond girls, Zoe & Chilli and was single! He was our Man Of The House! When people hear what MOTH stands for they like it then, but otherwise I really don't care!
  9. We have a combo of laminate, hard wood and ceramic. I love having easy to clean in the house. We have some mats down for my old girl to make it easier for her to jump on the bed, etc, but again, easy to clean! Our dogs are all active and the laminate has been great without any problems! Nothing bad to say!
  10. Welcome to the crazy world of flyball! I belong to a club called Maple Leaps based out of Nova Scotia. I've been competing now for just over 10 years and am hooked! Supplement wise my crew get MSM, Glu/Chon, Devil's Claw and Vit C to help with joints. Best to keep your dog slim especially for dog sports. So much easier on their joints! Looking forward to hearing your flyball training adventures!
  11. To add to Mary's post... a few questions. Is he neutered? what do you feed him? is he on any supplements? has he had any vaccines recently?
  12. Collars are on when we leave the yard. No collars on in the house or crates ever. I have had a friend lose their dog when their collar caught on the crate somehow and came home to see it after work. Same goes when they are out on the patio or fenced in area playing - no collars. Again a few friends have had collars need to be cut off and fast to avoid death when the collar got stuck in the other dogs leg or mouth, etc.
  13. Very happy to read that you are not going to encourage the behavior any longer. I have a little rescue BC mix boy and he was a shadow chaser, it made me cry I felt so bad that the only life he knew before us he had made that his job. Now he once in a while will start to do it, but we stop it and redirect him to do something else immediately and he's quite happy doing it. Best of luck!
  14. Thank you!! I completely didn't even think about looking at the top of this forum! Thank you so much! off to do some reading!
  15. He couldn't see so had no clue what was a threat and what wasn't. He had to be PTS.
  16. I'm terrified to give these meds to my crew. I know that none are 100% safe but I want to make the most educated decision and hope and pray that my pups will not react. I have narrowed it down to either Interceptor or Revolution for my crew and am wondering what everyone else has been using? We didn't have to worry about heartworm in our area, however we are now faced with the fact it's in our area. My husband and I had captured a red fox that wound up in our fenced in area and he was taken to a wildlife park where they assessed him as to why he was so damn friendly. Turns out he had heartworm. Scares the crap out of me. thanks everyone for your input.
  17. A few friends too have also given melatonin and it has increased time between seizures by a fair amount too. Thankfully I've never had to deal with seizures (knock on wood) but have many close friends who have. The male who seizured for 5.5 years had a number of place out of whack in his spine and neck and now he's doing better than ever. We cannot believe it's just over a year and no seizures. Absolutely remarkable. Definitely worth a try. I use acupuncture for my lab who is hip dysplastic and what a difference it makes with her!
  18. Any links to seizures starting and new meds? or vaccinations? Also, a friends dog (knock on wood) has been seizure free for just over a year now. He had seizured once per month for years (5.5) and since having a series of chiropractic adjustments including some maintenance has been remarkably seizure free. Figured it was worth a mention here in case the information helped someone.
  19. Hilary's Dash is a beautiful smooth coat. I can't wait to see him working! I'll get some pics when we do! I wonder if he's related to your Nan too?
  20. Back Monday! Wooo Hooo!! I'll do some more videos/pics of the progress! Can't wait to see how they do Monday!!
  21. We live in the boonies for sure, but no real farms around. I'm thrilled that Hilary has agreed to work us and our dogs, I learned more from her in that one day than I had at the clinic I attended that's for sure. It's only a 40 min drive to her place and so that's very reasonable for me to do on a regular basis. On a side note, did I see on your page you have a Hanson bred BC? Hilary has a beautiful smooth coat boy from Chris Hanson! He's absolutely stunning.
  22. David is a friend of mine on facebook. I know he recently tragically lost one of his dogs, and has been absolutely heartbroken. I've never met him but his posts and photos make me assume he's quite caring and takes excellent care of his dogs. He has a photo album with ALOT of dogs that he has apparently fostered and rehomed successfully. I would absolutely if I were in your shoes give this guy the opportunity to check out Lucky. Best of "luck"
  23. I'm pretty sure he won't change his mind! Damn men!
  24. I'm of the belief that if you can wait and properly manage an intact male/female then to wait until the 14 month mark. I had Zoe & Chilli spayed at 6 months of age, MOTH & Drama are still intact, Fluke was just done 2 weeks prior to the 14 month mark and Jack was done before we got him at a very young age (he's a rescue). I'd rather err on the side of caution for bones & joints than risk it. That said IF you keep them intact it's a big responsibility not to be taken lightly.
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