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No, raw chicken does not inherently have salmonella on it. It's something that is put out there to the general, grocery-store, CAFO chicken buying public so that people will cook their chicken so that no one gets salmonella. That would be bad news for the industry.


Yet another reason I raise my own livestock, for both my & the dogs' consumption.

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From the FSIS website, http://www.fsis.usda.gov/factsheets/salmon...ers/index.asp#7


Any raw food of animal origin, such as meat, poultry, milk and dairy products, eggs, seafood, and some fruits and vegetables may carry Salmonella bacteria.



Q. Are chickens labeled "Kosher," "free-range," "organic," or "natural" lower in Salmonella bacteria?

A. FSIS does not know of any valid scientific information that shows that any specific type of chicken has more or less Salmonella bacteria than other poultry.



I'll change my comment to, duh that's what you get for feeding raw. lol Still find it funny.

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Rave, sorry if I came across sounding cranky! I didn't mean to. Damn internetz... lose the intonation! It's the "may" in that statement above that I was referring to. Seems you weren't being entirely serious either :rolleyes:


My chickens are raised outside, kept on clean pasture, and processed one by one in a slow and deliberate manner. I think they're far less likely to have salmonella than a CAFO, commercial chicken.


I'm a small farmer who firmly believes in the need to reform our (the US) entire food production system. I tend to get opinionated about, well, everything, but food & meat production especially.

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