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I know that it is against board rules to promote one's own commercial interests. But some in the past have offered their own observations on the work of others, and I would like to follow suit.


You are aware of my situation with Missy (Cushing's Disease). Due to a combination of age and the disease, Missy (who was once a truly beautiful dog with long flowing fur) has lost weight; in addition, her black fur has thinned and discolored. My wife, as I have mentioned, loves this dog, and I wanted to do something special for her. Now, Missy is a mixed-breed dog, so there are no artist's prototypes for her, and any rendering would have to be from scratch. I contacted Patrice Palmer at AustinAnimalArt.com with multiple pictures, as I did not have a single picture that captured the entire dog. I hoped to be able to get at least a reasonable picture for my wife to have for her den. Well, the picture was not consistent with my expectations; rather, it far surpassed them. A facsimile of the picture is shown below, but this does not come close to doing the actual work justice. My wife was so moved when she saw the picture that she broke down and cried; she said that the sketch captured Missy in her very prime. The work is of such quality that we are going to have it professionally framed; and instead of going in her den, it is going in our living room. I cannot say enough about the artist's work; it would have been worth the money at double or triple the price I paid.



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Thank you so much for this post Bustopher. I don't know how to respond other than to say how incredibly rewarding it is for me to hear how moved your wife was, and know that you'll be enjoying this sketch of Missy for many years.


Thanks to Elaine (Little Bo Boop) for inviting me here to the border collie board, and thanks to Eileen for letting me stay

I hope to be drawing many more BCs and BC mixes!

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Wow! Lots of artists on here now. I always enjoy looking at other artists' work. Very nice work Mrs. Palmer and Heartdog. Missy looks beautiful in this rendering.

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