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Herding dog behaviours

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This was brought up in the herding thread. I know many wince at the use of the word "herding", but I can't think of anything else..


I have three Kelpies and a Border Collie ) #1 and 2 Kelpies are show Kelpies) One Kelpie no working ability, but she circles when excited- which is way annoying. Other Kelpie, a small amount of working ability, but not the temperament- she will circle occasionally, usually around the first Kelpie. Third Kelpie, loads of working ability, doesn't circle at all. I don't think I have ever seen her do this. Border Collie- working bred, and starting- will once in a while, but not much- usually if in a hurry to outside.

I hate circling.


The other things: working other dogs- or annoying them, or just being brats, what ever you call it.


Kelpie #1- no, none

Kelpie #2- a little- but not organized barks/chases when they have toys (yes, annoying)

Kelpie #3 (who is a good working dog) works others a LOT. It's her mission, when there is nothing else to do- especially when first let out).

Border Collie- yes, but only when let out, but he will grip the others as they go in the door, and is just now starting to be able to go outside, and do his business when others are out there. He's only 1 year 1 month. Still, he hurts with his gripping. It's a bad thing, that I may finally be getting a handle on.


Those are the two things that I think most people ascribe to herding dog behaviour. In my pack, there is a whole range.


I call it annoying.

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I will agree with "annoying instict" because my show line RETRIEVER does more of these so called "herding" behaviours then any actual herding dog I have ever owned, including rounding up and controlling other dogs, gripping heels, circling etc.. lol, drives me mental! my BCs and Collie X do no such things..Happy gets controlling with certain dogs on occasion and she turns her eye onto everything, but thats the extent of it..Happy is sport bred, but 1 gen. away from working bred, and she is strong on stock. Misty is working bred and shows no "herding" behaviours whatsoever outside of stock..Misty is also strong on stock. Ladybug shows none of these bahviours...she has never been on stock lol

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