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  1. fluconazole

    If you want, give me your email and I can forward the full vet report from a specialist we had look at her.

  2. Katie, we never found the cause, but treated as a fungal infection and that eventually cleared most of the issues. Her one eye is still a bit sunken in, but hardly noticeable anymore. She also appears to have some nerve damage in her nose, she's always rubbing it as if it tickles. It doesn't seem to bother her and she appears to enjoy the rubbing. I don't recall the medication I use...

  3. Brad,

    I read your post about your 2 year old border collie and a mysterious illness. My 2 year old BC is presenting with almost identical symptoms to what you described. I wanted to know if you ever found anything out and if so, would you be willing to share the information with me. I am going crazy and our vet doesn't know what's wrong with her. I feel like she is slowly dying bef...

  4. Thanks Debbie, that's a lot of reading I'm fairly certain that if it was in fact blasto, the lack of immediate treatment should have killed her long ago. And the test did come back negative, for whatever that's worth (apparently not a lot). Overall she seems to be recovering well, although still a bit of nasal snorting and the eye thing. Looking at it tonight, I'm pretty sure she'll lose the eye. Not the end of the world, if the rest of her recovers properly. I'm torn with taking her back to the vet for the eye, since he didn't seem to really know what to do with the whole case. The specialist is away until the 13th, so I'm not sure waiting is a good plan either..
  5. Julie, no, I think it was a time frame restriction, and the vet felt that any TBD would require doxy anyway, so we just treated accordingly, knowing that using the doxy wasn't harmful to the dog. However, after a month of doxy, we saw no improvement, so assumed that TBD was not at fault. Honestly, not knowing exactly what to press the vet for kind of left me vulnerable to what he believed, rather than doing what needed doing. After many hundreds of dollars on fungal tests, I'm told that they aren't all that accurate anyway. Seriously? So, working with the money available we tried to test for most likely and treat for TBD regardless of testing. Also, tick illnesses are kind of rare here, so it wasn't high on the list. My guess was blasto, which is also almost unheard of, but the specialist thought crypto more likely. I even suggested distemper, but the symptoms didn't follow closely enough, and with vaccines, almost unheard of also. $2000 later I still don't know what it is or isn't, but the recent recovery is promising, my only long term concern being her eye. Overall, I felt that the vet should have assigned more seriousness to the issue, we lost a lot of time with hmms and haws...some tests took 10 days to get back, etc Just as this was setting in, she was supposed to go off to Martha McHardy for training, now I'm ot sure she'll ever get to chase woolies But, we were close to calling it done, and she started to come around, so even if she loses the eye, she's still here and happy again
  6. Yes, sorry, a bit of an update. Still no definitive assessment, although a specialist came in and had a look, and we decided to treat for fungal infection with a new med (fluconazole). We also continued with the elevated dose of doxycycline. Over the last couple of weeks, she has shown substantial improvement in energy and appetite, eating now double what she ate before. Hopefully she adds her weight back. Issues that continue, her left eye is still dialated and mostly unresponsive to light, and appears sunken in to the socket. My wife fears we'll lose the eye. Also, her sense of smell may be off, or couple with incorrect vision, she can't target food very well. I'll offer a treat (I wrap her meds in a roll of deli meat) and she'll press her nose into it like she's trying to find it, but won't eat it. She will however smell around on the floor, or sniff at the dinner plate, etc, so I'm not sure what to think. I've sent an email to the Internalist, but she's out of town until next week. Overall though, the dog appears happy and is playing with the other dogs, and tries to jump on my head whenever she gets a chance. If it is fungal, a much longer treatment term will be applied with the fluconazole, so hopefully we see further improvement. FWIW, we ran 2 panels for fungal, both came back negative.
  7. I did send an email to the vet for him to read before he calls me with what I've done, links to the clinical study I read describing that dosage, etc, but will discuss thoroughly with him when he calls. This dosage is also recommended on other sites I've reviewed, so feel confident that I'm not doing further harm (taking into consideration GI impacts of the medication).
  8. Thanks Kristen! My vet is pretty good, so probably no issues continuing the meds, and worst case, I can just go to my doctor and get more doxy if I need it. You know, for malaria prevention My concern is that I feel like I need to treat something now, not wait for all the tests to come back, I'm just not sure what to treat for! I'll keep the doxy going, and make sure she has something to eat. I understand it can be bad for the esophageal lining
  9. Thanks Julie. After Liz's comments, I did some reading last night and have doubled the dosage on the doxy. As you say, I've nothing to lose at this point. I've got the vet calling me at 9am, so I'll discuss whether we've tested for TBD (we've tested so much I'm losing track) and specifically ruled out any possibility.
  10. Liz, absolutely, I'm not going to just administer drugs I've left a msg for the vet to call me in the morning to discuss options. I'm pressed with a sense of urgency to do something, anything, but doing the wrong thing isn't going to help. BTW, TBD is a what? Oh, got it, tick borne disease? We thought that, and treated with Doxy, which should have shown some improvement (I'm told). It did not, although it did seem to break the fever.
  11. Thanks Cindy, I might actually try that. I'm leaning towards convinced that it's a fungal infection, but the blood for the full panel went out today and it could be a couple weeks to get results. I'm pretty sure she'll be dead in a couple of weeks if I don't do something now. I'll discuss this with the vet...
  12. I thought of that, but it all appears to be respiratory related, other than the eye. The eye can and often is affected during fungal infections, so I'm leaning that way. The vet agrees and we're sending off blood for a full fungal panel this morning. The meds for lungworm, which we just took a guess at, are not showing any improvement.
  13. I don't think so, xrays would have shown something swallowed and if she had inhaled something, I would expect one nostril to be plugged, not both. I would also expect the condition to change, either to clear up as whatever was lodged decayed/dissolved, etc, or to get a lot worse as time goes by. So far, she's been pretty consistent, although the coughing is new...
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