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Jester is a big help

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My foster dog, Farley, is a bit of a handfull, just because he is hard-headed, and very pushy. Also, very big! But lately Jester has been helping me out with Farley. Farley doesn't want to go into the crate at night, and I lured him in with treats for a few nights, but then he decided a treat wasn't enough payment for the night in the crate and refused to go in. I hate to shove him in. Besides, he needs to learn. So I was trying to figure out what else to do, and along came Jester. I was telling Farley "crate!", and since that is Jester's command, and he likes the crate, in he went. Well, as soon as Jes went in, so did Farley! So all I had to do was get Jes out, and close the door. Well, that was slick, but only worked once. Last night, Farley wouldn't do it, even when Jes went in. Sooo, I got out the really good treats, and told Farley to sit, and told Jes "crate". In he went, got a treat. I invited him out, then in again. Over and over, and each time he went in, he got a good treat. Farley is getting jealous. Jes is getting all the treats! After about 5 repetitions, I told Farley "crate!" and.........in he went!! That's the first time ever. So...Jester is helping me to train Farley. I just had to write this because I think it is so cool! :rolleyes:

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