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Did Anyone EVER Use An Animal Communicator?

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I remember there were a few people here that were going to go the animal communicator route.


Did anyone ever consult an animal communicator? If so how did it go?

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I once had a consultation with an animal communicator.


My honest opinion - I didn't come out of it convinced.


I "asked" Speedy why he is fearful. The answer was kind of general. That when something triggers fear in him he can't help it and it's like his mind goes blank for a while. Well, that makes sense since he does shut down when he is over the fear threshold - as many fearful dogs do, but there was nothing in that statement that couldn't have been a really good guess.


I "asked" all three of them if they minded that I had to be at work all day. They "said" that they didn't mind since they had each other. OK, anyone can see they are a pretty close pack.


I "asked" Speedy what he likes to do. He supposedly said that he likes sports, but wanted to do freestyle dance. We got the opporunity to take a class this past spring and he does love dancing, but anyone who is familiar with freestyle and observes Speedy for a bit could have guessed he would enjoy it.


I "asked" Maddie if she had really gotten over the treatment she had gotten from her former owners (she was neglected and eventually abandoned) and her "answer" was "yes" that she had forgotten all of that and moved on. Again, she is evidently a very happy dog.


I know people who have spoken to communicators and believe in it, but I was left on the skeptical side.

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