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We get a magazine similar to the Sunday supplement, Parade , in our Tuesday newspaper. It's called American Profile and I usually find something of interest in it every week.




This woman has degrees in botany and weed science and she travels the West with her herd of cashmere goats who eat the weeds that choke out native grasses. She is assisted by 5 dogs, at least one of whom is a rugged-looking Border collie. She definitely leaves the land better than she found it!


(The web article has more pictures than the paper version so check them out also.)

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Very cool. There are a few folks around CA who do this, one called Goats-R-Us!! One guy around here has BCs to manage the goats and Great Pyrenees to protect them from the coyote. What a great biz, good for the land, good for the goats, good for the dogs, good for all (except the pesticide companys :rolleyes: )


Kristin, Hoku and Gussy

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Our own Bill Fosher had a grazing company until last year. There have been several in the BC world that have worked this gig - it's a great idea but can be hard to keep going for various reasons. I'm sure Bill could comment more knowlegeably.

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