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Christmas Rimadyl overdose :(

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Hello all;


Looking for hopefully someone with some Rimadyl experience. We had a bit of an overdose today, complicated by the fact that we are supposed to be getting on a plane to remote Panama in 36 hours! We are already stressed about leaving the 2 dogs, even with the best sitters. They are our kids!


Three dogs were at our friends house for 3.5 hours. Our friends 45kg Shepard, our 18kg BC and 24kg Border/Aussie. Between them 50 - 100mg (5g) of Liver Flavored Chewable Rimadyl were consumed. We have suspicions of who it may have been, though all three are being treated (starting at $1000/dog!). Stomachs were emptied, no obvious rimadyl, though two had contents and one didn't.


The vet seems somewhat casual about our trip and us leaving Sunday early morning. My question is, if one dog consumed all, when would they be considered "in-the-clear?" We understand worst case scenario's and such, and while I understand there are no hard and fast rules, I am wondering when (if) I should get on a plane. I will not be in Panama and allow someone else to make critical decisions for our dogs.


Will we have a good idea of the seriousness within 24-36 hours? Does it take longer to manifest some of the complications?


Of course we will be meeting with the vet again tomorrow morning before a decision is made, though as I said, our vet seems to think that anyone else would be perfectly capable of handling the decisions/care.


Thanks in advance, and oh ya, Merry Christmas.


Jaime, Eeva, Tuuli and Sisu (with partner in crime Thor)

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Oh you poor thing ! Yes , there has been a thread on rimadyl overdose.

I know what I would do in your situation , I wouldnt go , or at least go a couple of days later , when you know whats what. If it were me , I would be a basket case if I were away form my dogs during this critical time .

It's a tough call either way. Not sure if your trip is pleasure or business. But if it's business , your head isnt going to be there , so would going be productive ? Probably not . And if its pleasure , same answer.

Hope all turns out well for your dogs .

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My dog ate 2800mg (give or take a tablet or a few). I found out within six hours of overdose (assuming he ate the stuff right after I left the house) and got him to the vet for an apomorphine shot and subq fluids. Then I took him home and made him drink about two cups of water (with chicken or beef broth added -- without some salt in it you run the risk of water intoxication) every 1.5-2 hours for the next four days, and then tapered the water regimen down over the next couple of days. The reason I did this is that the standard treatment is 2-4 days of IV fluids, which wasn't going to work for Solo since he's basically impossible to hospitalize. We got his blood and urine test results back and his values are excellent, so it seems we're in the clear.


For your dog, if the damage is done, it's done. You definitely caught it within 3.5 hours (right?) and everyone barfed. I'm assuming the treatment included hospitalization and IV fluids since you mention that the treatment cost was $1000/dog. If this were me I would also be giving them lots and lots of water, but that may be overkill. You don't mention how long you're going to be gone but it probably won't make a difference since if the damage is done there's no such thing as "in the clear" and if there wasn't any damage done the point is moot. If your dogs have liver damage it is a chronic condition with no real treatment that I know of other than liver-supportive supplements like milk thistle and SAM-E. Your dogs should have tests of liver and kidney function in a week or two. If you trust the people you're leaving them with to make emergency decisions for your dogs you are probably safe to go. My own dogs are at a sitter right now while I am visiting family for the holidays.


Hope everything turns out OK.

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Yes the damage was discovered after at MOST 3.5 hours. Straight to the Vet ER which we have been very happy with. First our two dogs (the culprits) where one vomitted food, the other nothing but bile. So the third unlikely suspect came in for treatment. ALL are staying at the vet (very difficult for us to leave them with a vet, first time ever away from us or close friends for a night!) Tuuli especially did not approve.


The Panama trip is pleasure. 18 of our friends headed to a private surf resort, booked out for my 10th wedding anniversary! Fun, looks like IF I make it I will be at least 3-4 days late. The $1000 treatment per dog is the "starter" based on what lab results come back tomorrow.


My "in-the-clear" question was more along the lines of when there would be definitive answers as to what damage was done. Like all medications, Rimadyl is not instantly metabolized. It would take some time for tests/symptoms to develop. Depends of the bio-availability of the medication itself. I wonder if I will "know" within 48 - 72 hours or could now unknown variables present themselves in 5-6 days? I will be gone for 12 days.


We will see, meeting with the vet in the morning for more info. Personally I don't have anyone other than my wife who I would entrust critical decisions regarding our dogs with. Like I said before, they are our two kids.


Thanks, and glad to hear Solo did well.





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I'm not a vet, but as far as I can tell the way the treatment goes is you assume the worst and do what you can to minimize the damage, if there is any. I consulted with my husband (who is a doctor, not a vet, and Rimadyl is not used in humans) and if I am understanding correctly, if there is major damage you'd know within hours or days and the symptoms would include vomiting, jaundice, and bleeding (because the liver produces clotting factors). If that happened, if I were you I wouldn't leave for Panama. If there is less-than-major damage, then what you do (according to my vet) is give supportive supplements for the rest of the dog's life, perhaps adjust diet, etc. but there really isn't any treatment and the dog just lives with the damage. My guess is that you won't learn anything new in a week that you won't know in a couple of days, but I am not 100% positive about that.

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